Turn Your Custom Closet into a Vanity with these Accessories

Ever dream of having a custom vanity area where you could sit and perform your beauty rituals? Many times the closet is an overlooked space that would be perfectly suited for housing the vanity area to save space in your room. If you find that your wardrobe space has unused square footage and it goes back roughly 3 feet, then this might be an ideal space for a custom closet vanity to be installed.

Most closets have either a large sliding door or two doors to enclose the space. When creating a custom closet to incorporate a vanity it would be ideal to remove the doors from their hinges and replace the area with a long, dramatic, decorative curtain instead. A vanity is commonly an elegant area where you sit to make yourself more beautiful, so pick a curtain with various adornments and features such as rhinestones, pearls, or brightly colored patterns. Make sure the curtain is long enough to drape across the floor. This is also more convenient compared to leaving the doors in the closet.

Customize your closet into a vanity with closet accessories like custom drawers for jewelry. An easy solution to commonly tangled or lost accessories is the jewelry drawer. A shallow pullout with custom jewelry dividers, you can use as few or as many as you need. It’s an ideal way to protect your valuable pieces, as well as to keep track of them.

An alternate solution to the pullout mirror or mounted mirror is one that hosts your reflection on one side and your toiletries on the other. Using a mirror as a multi-purpose closet accessory frees up space in both your bathroom and your closet’s essential storage space. Store your extra beauty products--including hair tools, makeup, and nail supplies--in separate baskets above the closet vanity.

Consulting with a custom closet organization professional will ensure your home improvement efforts save time, money, and space. At Tailored Living, we pride ourselves in taking the time to ask the right questions about your needs and lifestyle so that the investment in your space is one hundred percent personalized. To speak to a local expert or to schedule free in-home consultation simply visit www.tailoredliving.com.