Turn Your Home into a Big “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is dedicated to all those decorating divas who take grief and teasing because of the time and effort they invest into turning their houses into comfortable, beautiful homes for their families.  You know who you are. You repeatedly hear things like:

  • Why can’t we have all black towels so they don’t show dirt?
  • I leave my shoes out because I’m going to wear them tomorrow.
  • It’s almost in the hamper.
  • What’s a “duvet” again?

Ah, but it’s worth all the teasing when you also hear, “I love coming home after work/school/vacation, it’s so nice and cozy.”

The Language of Love

Several years ago, a book titled The Language of Love (by Gary Smalley and John T. Trent, PhD.) gained popularity because it spoke directly to the problems of communication in getting through to those we love. Basically, it was how to learn to interpret the expressions of love from another person, and to accept them as such. This age-old anecdote illustrates the problem:

She: “You never say, ‘I love you’ anymore!”

He: “I come home every day. What do you think that means?”

This, or similar dialogue, has been used at some point in practically every sit-com and movie about relationships since the talkies came in. The challenge isn’t always in the loving; it’s in effectively expressing that love. Here’s a delightful example of how really needing to understand another’s language of love is necessary for true communication to happen:

“I have a recognition dance, to acknowledge that I heard and understood you. So when Savannah says she loves me, and I reply by doing the Charleston, I’m just trying to show my love for her.” ―Jarod KintzThis Book is Not FOR SALE

Bottom line—love can be expressed in many different ways, and creating a comfortable, beautiful space for your family is one great big, all-encompassing warm hug!

Organization that Says “I Love You”

Stress is a given in anyone’s life. Kids deal with stress every day at school, with friends and at home. Parents juggle jobs, kids’ schedules and finding “personal time” just to relax. Making home as stress-free as possible is a terrific way to show your family you love them.

Tailored Living’s organization and storage solutions can help make every area of your home a special Valentine to your family by eliminating clutter and streamlining processes like getting dressed in the morning and preparing meals. Here’s a quick home tour of how custom design solutions can help reduce the stresses of everyday living for you and your family.

  • Closet designs using tiered rods can expand room for hanging clothes
  • Specialty accessories like hooks, belt, scarf and tie racks keep everything handy
  • Bins and drawers accommodate folded and smaller items
  • Pull-out laundry bins keep control of dirty clothes
  • Shoe racks and shelves organize shoes, purses and other accessories

Pantry Organization

  • Maximize pantry storage space with floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets
  • Clear plastic bins keeps snacks and treats visible and easy to grab
  • A lunch station groups all necessities together so making school lunches is a breeze
  • Stock up on nonperishables to avoid trips to the grocery store
  • Specialty wine and spice racks can personalize your space

Laundry Room Storage

  • Countertops provide workspace for folding and sorting clothes
  • Surrounding cabinets provide everyday storage for laundry supplies as well as additional household storage
  • Marked hampers for whites, darks, delicates and dry cleaning make it easy for everyone to deposit their dirty clothes
  • Shelf dividers keep folded laundry neatly stacked until claimed by its owner
  • A pull-out ironing board makes touchups fast and easy

Home Office Design

  • Custom workspaces for one or more users with individual storage space
  • Cabinet storage to hide messy papers, binders, office supplies, etc.
  • Ergonomic desks, chairs and lighting make working/homework more enjoyable
  • Transition into a guest room or extra sleeping quarters with a built-in Murphy Bed
  • An entertainment center can turn the home office into a media room in the evening

Entryway and mudroom

  • Entryway shelves, benches, cubbies and hooks eliminate clutter
  • Individualized storage space and hooks for each family member helps keep track of belongings
  • Designated mats or shelves for boots and shoes prevent tracking in mud and dirt
  • Comings and goings are easier by having items like backpacks and lunchboxes right by the door
  • Even little ones can manage by themselves with low-level shelves and hooks

Garage cabinets and garage flooring

  • Garage cabinets get everything up off the floor and behind closed doors
  • Floor space is freed up so you can park the car, cars or motorcycle
  • Wall hanging systems accommodate sports equipment, tools and gardening gear
  • Overhead storage can handle large, awkward items that don’t fit in cabinets
  • Custom garage flooring enhances your garage and makes it easier to keep clean
  • Work stations like a workbench or laundry area make household tasks more enjoyable

This Valentine’s Day give the gift of organization, your family will love you for it.  They may not fully understand the value of the streamlined living processes, or the way it gives them extra time and comfort, but they will be happier, making you happier as well.

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Check out the photo galleries to see storage solutions in action and begin to reimagine your space in new ways.

And when the cat deposits a partial mouse or lizard in your entryway, or the dog knocks you down and covers you with sloppy kisses, they’re just saying “I love you” in animal-speak. Instead of getting irritated, just do the Charleston!