Understand Your Home Office Needs To Create Efficient Workspace

If you could magically change one thing about your home office workspace by snapping your fingers, what would that change be?

  • Better chair
  • Bigger (or smaller) desk
  • A door to close
  • Cabinets to hide the clutter

Without overthinking it, you should have come up with what bugs you the most about your current workspace. If you want a more efficient home office, it won’t happen with a snap of your fingers, but a call out to your local Tailored Living® designer can help you clearly define your needs so you can create an efficient home office.


PHOTO CAPTION: You deserve a home office that lets you work efficiently and in complete comfort

Some key questions that will help to understand your needs as well as direct the design of your home office include:

  • Is it a shared office?
  • Is it a room or part of a room?
  • What are space requirements, do you need large work areas?
  • Does your work require storage of materials and equipment?

Learn how a custom home office design will maximize your space, incorporate appropriate home office storage, and facilitate home office organization that will make every workday more enjoyable and efficient.

Sharing an office can really work

When a home office serves as the main office for two people at the same time, creating equal space is important. Two complete workstations give each user the space they need to work efficiently and comfortably, without crowding each other.


PHOTO CAPTION: This dual office design gives each personal office space on each side of the Murphy Bed cabinet

  • A dedicated room can accommodate two desk-top workstations giving multiple users separate space for working in privacy.
  • Drawers and overhead cabinets allow for independent storage of work necessities without co-mingling supplies or work styles.
  • Supplement natural light with secondary and focused task lighting to ensure visibility and comfort, with no one working in a dark corner.

Home office in a dual-purpose room

In a busy household, it’s not unusual for space to serve more than one purpose. The guest room doubles as a craft or sewing room. The media/family room is also a guest room. The dining room table converts to homework central after dinner, and so on. Without proper planning, dual-use home office space can become cluttered and ineffective. For someone who works from home, a dedicated workspace is necessary for efficiency and sanity! If you’ve never considered creating a home office for yourself in a dual-purpose space, here are some ideas for creating a home office where you might not have imagined.


PHOTO CAPTION: A Murphy Bed is like a guest room in a cabinet, only using the space for sleeping when it’s needed

  • A guest room could be converted to a full-time home office with a Murphy Bed disguised as a beautiful cabinet and then revert to a guest room when company comes.
  • Keep the guest room intact but turn the room’s closet into a compact home office.
  • Unused space under the stairs can convert to a very useful, cozy home office.
  • Attic or basement space could accommodate a comfortable home office with plenty of workspace and home office storage cabinets.
  • Turn one wall into a home office in a bedroom, media room, or man cave.


PHOTO CAPTION: A one-wall home office can be amazingly effective, fitting nicely into a bedroom, TV room, or craft room without upsetting overall space use

Create space for the work you do

Depending on your type of work, space requirements will vary. Do you require space to unroll blueprints, or do you need big whiteboards on the wall or on easels to strategize and plan? Consider all the space you need to do your job and build out your office accordingly with work countertops, tables, chairs, and storage. Tailored Living’s custom cabinet designs let you integrate desktops with drawers for filing, cabinets for storage, and pedestal table extensions for conferencing or workspace.


PHOTO CAPTION: Traditional or modern styles and finishes let you match the décor in your home

  • Built-in desks and cabinets have a smaller footprint than free-standing furniture.
  • Capturing vertical space with enclosed cabinets reduces clutter from books, manuals, printer paper, and extra supplies that can all be stored from sight.
  • Incorporate space for computers, monitors, scanners, printers, and whatever else you need right at hand.
  • Add necessary security into your design with safes and locking cabinets or file drawers to protect proprietary documents and information.
  • Don’t overlook electrical and internet access to power all your equipment.

Home office storage and organization

Once you have your space defined, you’ll want to bring everything you need for work into this new space, including incidentals like copy paper, pens, highlighters, tape, and a stapler. This eliminates having to interrupt your workflow by searching for supplies elsewhere in the house. Home office organization accessories will eliminate clutter and let you fine-tune storage so you can work efficiently.


PHOTO CAPTION:  Slatwall panels can transform wall space into storage for easy access without cluttering up the desktop

  • Resist the urge to just pile papers, files, and books; purposeful storage will eliminate clutter and keep essentials organized and easy to find.
  • If a shared space, each user should have individual storage space for their work necessities.
  • Cabinets conceal big items and capture vertical storage space to free up countertops for a productive workspace.
  • Drawers can hold files and organize small supplies with custom drawer dividers.
  • If office space is limited, rolling files or stacking cubes can provide filing and storage space.

Understanding your home office needs will result in a customized office design that supports your personal work style, the tasks you perform, and the workflow that works best for you. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home, or virtual* consultation and see how much work you’ll get done in a home office space designed just for you.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.

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