Use Your Tax Refund Dollars to Enhance Your Home’s Comfort

April 15, Tax Day. For some, it’s sort of like a second Christmas when about 60% of Americans get a tax refund from their least favorite uncle, Uncle Sam. If you’re anticipating a refund this year, how will you spend it?  Surveys show that more and more people are spending responsibly by putting a portion into savings or paying off debt before they indulge themselves with a little fun.

  • Vacation
  • Personal luxury items
  • Designer clothes or shoes
  • A gift for a special someone

One way to spend wisely and have fun at the same time is by investing in your home with innovative, custom storage and organization solutions that solve problems. Give your family a new lease on life by exchanging chaos for calm, making home a more comfortable place to be.

Dedicated to peaceful living

Tailored Living® designers are whole home organization specialists who can help transform any area of your home to create order and reduce stress. Quick answer: which areas of your home are the most frustrating?

  • Messy closets
  • Disorganized laundry room
  • Out-of-control garage
  • Inefficient home office
  • Jumbled pantry

Any one of those can add stress to everyday life and eat up precious time sorting, digging and looking for what you need. Imagine the freedom that would come with a little bit of organization! Investing your tax refund in custom storage solutions tailored exactly to your space and your needs will continue to reap benefits year after year by making life a little easier.

User-friendly closets

Closets can be a continuous source of frustration. A closet should be unique to its user or users, and Tailored Living’s custom closet organization systems can create the perfect closet for adult or child. Whether walk-in, reach-in or shared, an organized closet can help everyone get dressed quicker in the mornings and make wardrobe maintenance easier. You can actually see what you have and coordinate outfits in minutes, including shoes and accessories like jewelry, hats and jackets.

  • “Foldable” wardrobes like jeans and tees require lots of shelf space for stacking
  • Kids’ closets need low-level bins, shelves and racks that they can reach
  • Tiered hanging rods multiply space by consolidating short and long items
  • Shoe racks can be floor-to-ceiling shelving, or pull-out racks near the floor
  • Decorative hooks, tie and belt racks and valet rods add specialty accommodation
  • Integrated laundry bins, drawers, LED lighting and glass-inset doors enhance cabinets

Functional family rooms

The joy of a family room is that that is where the family gets together to kick back and relax. A more formal living room may always be guest-ready, but a family room where everyone sheds shoes, jackets and hats can sometimes become too relaxed and cluttered, completely eliminating the relaxing part! A built-in entertainment center to store equipment, games, movies, books, etc., can free the room from clutter and extraneous furniture pieces, leaving plenty of space for favorite comfy couches and chairs without a crowded feeling.

  • Converting one wall to custom storage organizes everything, keeping the room uncluttered
  • Low cabinets and drawers can hold kids’ movies, puzzles and games so they can get what they want without assistance
  • With a place for everything, putting things away when finished is more likely to happen
  • High shelves safely display family treasures, pictures and art pieces out of reach of little ones
  • Define areas; set up TV viewing at one end of the room and a reading area off to the side so the family can be together but separate

Efficient dual-purpose rooms

It’s not unusual for a room to have more than one purpose. For example, a home office could double as a guest room, and a laundry room can serve as a pantry or mudroom. Just as with a shared closet, unless the space if clearly defined and functional, confusion can take over in the form of disorder and clutter. Designing custom space for each activity of the room will increase efficiency so that sleepy guests aren’t contending with the day’s work, and the washing machine isn’t buried under groceries.

  • A Murphy Bed instantly converts a home office to a guest room but doesn’t intrude on the work focus when it’s enclosed in the cabinet
  • Custom cabinets and desk keep papers, equipment and files under control and easy to put away when the room is needed for sleeping

  • A laundry room closet or custom cabinet can become a pantry, leaving countertops clear for laundry activities like sorting and folding
  • Upper and lower cabinets around the washer and dryer store all laundry necessities out of sight

If your tax refund is burning a hole in your pocket, don’t spend it frivolously. Invest in home improvements that will bring order and calm by clearing away the clutter of everyday life. You’ll add real value to your home and real comfort for your family at the same time.

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