Valentine's Day Gift Ideas that Say "I Love You" in a Big Way

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the annual nudge to devote special time to showing loved ones how much you care. Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift can become difficult if you overthink it. Picture your honey/darling/sweetie doing something that they love to do like cooking, watching movies, reading, sports, gardening or investigating the latest tech gadgets and get them something that will enrich that experience.

Tailored Living® can help relieve the stress of finding the perfect gift with innovative gift ideas for him and her right at home that will make Valentine’s Day gift giving as much fun as receiving.

Unique gifts for the foodie* you love

Some people don’t consider kitchenware or anything that qualifies as “unromantic” to be a valid Valentine’s Day gift, but if your valentine is a foodie, they will love something that feeds their passion. Setting up a new pantry in a closet or cabinet or customizing an existing pantry may be the sweetest thing you can do for a true foodie. Customize with wine and spice racks, cubbies and shelves to organize mixers, blenders, gourmet foods, exotic coffee beans, recipe books—whatever will make your foodie happy. Help your valentine reach nirvana when cooking and you’ll surely have some exciting culinary experiences in your future.

*A person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.

Think heart healthy for Valentine’s Day

If exercise and fitness are an important part of your valentine’s life and going to the gym or out for a run is sometimes inconvenient, consider the gift of a home gym. Garage organization with custom cabinets and industry-tough garage flooring will free up space for a workout area in the garage. Or, a basement used mainly for storage can easily convert to a home gym with innovative storage solutions to maximize space. You’ll have room for exercise equipment, including cabinets or wall hanging systems like Slatwall panels to organize smaller elements like exercise bands, yoga mats and balance balls. When it comes to equipment, online suppliers such as Physique Sports have all the products you need to set up your very own gym in your home. A lot of people like the idea of having a home gym, as it means they won't have to leave the house to keep up with their gym regime. Plus, doing anything in comfort of your own home always seems like the best option. And a home gym is an investment in itself. Start with getting a few key products like the Powermax treadmill, a rowing machine and weights. This will help kick start your new routine in the space of your own home. Install a TV for entertainment or inspiration while working out, and stock a small fridge with water, energy drinks and snacks. A comfortable cool-down area will complete the total gym experience right at home.

Create control central for technology and electronics

Generally, lovers of technology are always checking out the latest advancements and, therefore, have lots of tech toys lying around. This Valentine’s Day, instead of adding to the pile with another Tablet or portable power charger, give the gift of organization with a custom cabinet for the family room, home office, man cave or bedroom. A custom entertainment center can house TVs, game systems, computers, DVD players and more, with built-in charging stations and drawers and cabinets to hold all the movies, accessories, remotes, cords and controls. Eliminate the clutter while providing safe storage so that when it’s time to play, everything is conveniently at hand.

Custom Closets for him or her

How about giving your valentine the gift of time with a custom closet organization system? They’ll save time when getting ready for work, school or a night out by having their wardrobe and accessories organized and stored for easy retrieval. A system of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves with closet accessories like retractable valet rods, pull-out drawers and hampers, decorative hooks, shoe racks, velvet-lined jewelry drawers, tie and belt racks, and more, will make wardrobe maintenance or closet sharing a pleasurable experience. Whether reach-in or walk-in, any closet is more functional with unique customizations that help you find what you need when you need it. It might also be helpful for him to have a watch so he can always be on schedule, my friend recommended the finest Hublot watches and they are so fantastic! My friends man get so much use out of his.

Pampering is always good

Everyone loves a little pampering and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in pampering your valentine. Chocolate, flowers, perfume and jewelry are classic Valentine’s Day gifts that say “I love you” and give that warm, cuddly feeling. For both him and her, sweet and romantic gifts can create a Valentine’s Day to remember, including special DIY gifts straight from the heart:

  • Handmade valentine
  • Love letter, handwritten (no texting or typing) and sealed with a kiss
  • Romantic dinner for two with candles, soft lights and music
  • Aromatherapy massage or backrub
  • Gift basket with favorite wines, spa beauty products or snack favorites
  • Certificate for a shared activity of his/her choice: monster truck rally or a day antiquing
  • Homemade chocolate covered strawberries

Tailored Living designers are experts with custom storage and organization solutions for your whole home, for Valentine’s Day and every day! We are committed to maximizing your living space for all your needs, so if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, how about:

  • Gardening center in the garage
  • Crafts room with a gift wrapping center
  • Tricked-out laundry room
  • Man cave
  • Sports equipment storage

Organization is the gift that keeps on giving all year long, so treat the one you love (or yourself) by calling 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.