Welcome Day Light Saving Time with a Garage Makeover

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is supposed to give us more daylight hours to enjoy. Of course, it doesn’t create more hours of daylight, it just shifts the daylight around. But not everyone is a fan.

  • Proponents of DST say an extra hour of sunshine in the evening motivates people to get out of the house and do something active.
  • Opponents to DST argue that it disrupts our body clocks or circadian rhythm (your 24-hour internal sleep/wake cycle).

Regardless of your thoughts, our clocks get reset March 11 and we start getting up an hour earlier and (yes) enjoying an extra hour of sunlight in the evening. Tailored Living® has some suggestions for organizing your garage to maximize that time. Whether your family is into sports, hobbies, gardening, exercise, or media and gaming, a custom garage makeover can turn your garage into a favorite destination spot to take advantage of that extra hour for daytime activities.

The ultimate, family-friendly garage

First step is clearing out the garage so that you have more functional space. Most garages fall short of maximizing usefulness due to lack of storage, disorganization and clutter. By getting those three things under control, you’ll see just how wonderful a garage can be. You’ll discover available floor space that will suddenly have some real entertainment value for your family.

  • Enclosed cabinets with adjustable shelving
  • Open selves for quick storage and organizing bins and boxes
  • Drawers and countertops for convenient workspace
  • Slatwall or Handiwall wall storage to hold large and small items
  • Overhead storage for bulky, seasonal or seldom-used items
  • An industry-tough garage floor of interlocking tiles or a custom, high-grade epoxy floor coating

Keep sports equipment handy

Active families often participate in more than one sport, so you’ll want to store equipment by sport so it’s easy to grab what you need at game time. Behind cabinet doors is one way to organize sports equipment and control clutter, but if space is at a premium, wall hanging systems like Slatwall panels can organize an amazing amount of equipment. One wall can be “sports central’ with everything from golf bags to tennis balls at levels kids and adults can reach.

  • Use attachable shoe racks for athletic shoes so dirt is never tracked into the house
  • Accessory baskets and shelves can collect small items like gloves, balls, mitts, caps and shin guards
  • A ball rack or a big mesh laundry bag on a hook can keep basketballs or volleyballs safely off the floor
  • Specialty hooks can store large items like bikes, skateboards and skis

Make gardening easy

In some parts of the country, gardening is a year-round activity. Whether you can garden all year or just part of the year, having a garden center for tools and other essentials will make it much more enjoyable. A work countertop surrounded by cabinets, drawers and wall organization will save time and energy when you need to plant, prune or tend your yard.

  • Hand tools and gloves are always in reach
  • Store toxic fertilizers and plant food in locked cabinets or on high shelves out of the reach of children or pets
  • Large tools like rakes, hoes and shovels can be safely stored on the wall
  • Potting soil, soil amendments, seed packets, watering cans, clippers, kneeling pads and plant stakes can all be stored in one place

Create a Man Cave or media/game room

With an organized garage, you can expand entertaining options by creating a Man Cave or media/game room in the garage. With a big screen TV, comfortable seating, pool table, foosball and stacks of DVDs, kids or Dad and friends can party on. Add a refrigerator for drinks and snacks and you may find there is no more competition for the family room TV when a Hallmark movie marathon comes on.

  • Put down a rug to absorb sound
  • Add pillows and blankets for chilly evenings (kids and men do get cold)
  • Decorate with sports memorabilia, hunting and fishing gear, or car guy trappings
  • Surround sound will make concerts and NASCAR feel live

Set up a home gym

Avoid trips to the gym and gym membership fees by setting up a home gym in your garage. How much space you’ll need will depend on whether you what equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes or complete home gyms like Nordic Track or Bowflex Trainers, or just carving out space for floor workouts like yoga and Pilates. That only requires floor space while you’re exercising, and the same space can serve as a laundry area, game room with collapsible tables, or parking. Enclosed cabinets can store mats, toning balls, flex-bands, hand weights, cushions, straps and towels right where you work out, so everything is handy when it’s time to sweat.

For tips on setting up an efficient home gym, here are some resources to help.

Organize space for family hobbies

Hobbies are a good way to relax and unwind, but not if it’s a major headache to unpack and repack when you’re done. Making a hobby area in the garage will allow everyone to indulge in their favorite pastimes even if they’re short on time. Work countertops with upper and lower cabinet storage can give each person space to keep their own hobby elements organized. Tools and necessities are always ready when you have the time, and cleanup is a breeze.

  • Long countertops allow for one or more working at a time
  • Integrated under-cabinet lighting ensures good visibility
  • Electrical tools and components can store in enclosed cabinets for safety
  • Unfinished projects can stay out for the next time you have free time

Take advantage of the extra sunlight during the six months of Daylight Saving Time for leisure activities with garage organization that turns your garage into extended living space. Call 866-712-3404 today and schedule a free, in-home consultation. We guarantee that you have more usable garage space than you realize.

As whole home organization specialists we can also help with closet storage systems, laundry rooms, pantries, home offices and more. Visit our online Design Solutions Guide for ideas to maximize living space and increase comfort throughout your home.