Whole Home Organization Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is just days away. Have you made any resolutions to become a better, happier person? Historically, New Year’s resolutions revolve around better health and fitness, improving interpersonal relationships and getting organized. Google search terms throughout 2016 garnered this list of the most popular resolutions for 2017 which, not surprisingly, still stand for 2018.

  • Get Healthy
  • Get Organized
  • Live Life to the Fullest
  • Learn New Hobbies
  • Spend Less/Save More
  • Travel
  • Read More

Unfortunately, breaking New Year’s resolutions has become as much a tradition as making them. January 17 is “officially” Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day for 2018. So what are you supposed to do with all your good intentions? Settle for the status quo and don’t make any resolutions you’ll probably end up breaking, or call your local Tailored Living® designer for help in keeping those resolutions?

Best choice: call Tailored Living.

Organization can improve every area of your life

It’s a proven fact that clutter and chaos can impact physical and mental health in a negative manner. Conversely, organization can impact physical and mental health in a positive manner. This means that organizing your home with innovative storage solutions like custom closet storage systems, home office design, pantry and laundry room organization, and garage storage cabinets can actually improve your life and help you keep your New Year’s resolutions.

Healthy living is organized living

Preparing and eating healthy foods is easier with a custom pantry organized and full of all the good things your family loves. With fresh, healthy ingredients readily available, eating at home will trump running out for fast food when the family raises a hunger cry. Eating wholesome food will help everyone feel better, lose weight and you’ll ultimately end up spending less on food.

A garage makeover with garage storage cabinets and an easy-care, durable PremierOne® epoxy floor coating can enable you to use the no-longer-cluttered floor space to set up a home gym. You can install your favorite workout equipment, making it easy to “hit the gym” every day, contributing to weight loss, improved fitness and family fun. Another benefit is saving the cost of gym memberships.

Live life to the fullest

This is rather an ambiguous term that can mean different things to different people. But an organized home can free up time for you to pursue whatever it is that makes your life full and satisfying, such as travel, relaxing or leisurely walking the dog. An uncluttered environment has a calming effect, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. You’ll spend less time cleaning and hunting for misplaced items and more time enjoying life.

Custom closet organization systems will keep the whole family better equipped to face each day with a smile. Bedrooms stay cleaner and you don’t have to spend as much time “encouraging neatness” and getting frustrated with the messy ones. A combination of cabinets, adjustable shelves, tiered hanging rods, pull-out bins and drawers will make wardrobe maintenance easy for everyone, especially in a child’s closet where everything becomes reachable.

Imagine a laundry room that actually streamlines the process of getting the laundry done, making it easy to find near me. That would go a long way to letting you live life to the fullest! Cabinets keep all essentials close at hand and countertops facilitate sorting and folding. Pull-out hampers keep dirty clothes collected and out of sight until it’s time to wash. Hanging rods let items air dry wrinkle-free to cut down on ironing time. You can probably read an extra book or get in a BFF lunch each week with the time a custom laundry room can save.

Making space for hobbies is a good way to ensure that you’ll take time to do what brings joy whether that’s surfing the web for the latest funny videos or scrapbooking all your pictures. A custom home office can accommodate a fully-functional office for serious work as well as space for hobbies and creative activities. Multiple work stations with individual storage will create the perfect together-but-separate area for work and play. A cleared garage is also a candidate for creative space like a workbench for hobbies or a gift wrapping area.

Spend less/save more

Making home a place where your family wants to spend time can help you to spend less money on activities and entertainment. Instead of leaving home to have fun, a clean, organized house will

always be ready to bring the fun home.

  • Have friends over for movie and game nights instead of always going out to the movies, which can cost a bundle.
  • A backyard barbeque is cheaper than taking a big group to a restaurant.
  • A built-in entertainment center in the family room organizes gaming equipment, DVDs, CDs, board games and books. It’s ideal for teenagers to have friends over for gaming, movies, pizza or talking into the wee hours.
  • A play date at home for the kids with fun crafts and self-made snacks is more enriching than time at a video arcade.

Go ahead and make those New Year’s resolutions to enhance your life, but be sure to call Tailored Living for help in keeping them with innovative storage and organization solutions that bring order to your world. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our custom solutions for closets, garages, pantries, laundry rooms, home offices and entryways will have you feeling more in control of your life and your time, and energized so you can keep those resolutions long past January 17!