Winterize Your Garage with a Custom Garage Floor

Official calendars declare that winter doesn’t arrive until December 21, but if you look outside and see snow, rain, and dogs in snow gear, you know that it’s time to winterize your home and garage!

It’s true that a winterized, organized garage, even if it's a prefab garage, can help you and your family live more comfortably and safely through the upcoming winter months. Especially if your garage space isn’t very useful, it’s time to claim that space and make it work for you with innovative storage solutions and a custom garage floor. Here are some common wintertime problems that an organized garage from Tailored Living® can eliminate.

  • Dark corners and tripping hazards from piles of stuff on the floor
  • Unsafe, slippery surfaces from tracking in mud, rain and snow
  • The cold nightmare of the garage laundry room in winter
  • Ruined weekends if you can’t find the ice skates or other winter toys
  • A cold hearth when the extra firewood you thought you had in the garage isn’t there
  • The frozen-solid driveway and you can’t find the deicing salt or sand
  • An ice-covered windshield that makes you late to work every morning because you can’t fit the car into the garages sheds.

Custom garage flooring – build on a firm foundation

A custom garage floor from Tailored Living is one of the best ways to get your garage user-friendly and ready for the winter months. It provides a durable, firm foundation--the perfect first step to an organized, winterized garage. We offer two types of flooring to transform your garage into highly-functional space:

  • Industry-tough epoxy floor coatings from PremierOne® in five distinct styles
  • PremierTrax interlocking, flexible garage floor tiles in a wide range of colors

PremierOne custom epoxy floor coatings

PremierOne floor coatings protect and beautify with a permanent, seamless finish that is twice as hard as most other epoxy finishes. Surface preparation and installation of an epoxy garage floor coating usually takes two to three days, depending on the style and garage size. Within 24 to 36 hours of curing time, your garage is back in service, offering many benefits.

  • Chemically bonds with the concrete floor, creating a continuous, non-porous surface
  • Resists chemicals commonly found in garages, like gasoline, auto fluids and paint thinner
  • Extremely durable, resists chipping, peeling, fading or stains
  • Withstands heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions
  • Cleans up easily; nothing sticks to the surface so spills are no problem

Five distinctive styles of PremierOne epoxy floor coatings from seamless solid colors to artisan-look metallic finishes ensure there’s something to please everyone. Each style offers standard color choices with the option of custom-mixing colors for a unique blend.

PremierOne® Decorative Texture has 18 standard decorative chip patterns in large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips. Custom-blend color options are also available. The decorative chips give a slightly textured surface to the floor.

PremierOne® Solids gives a seamless, solid-color floor coating in six standard colors from light Dove to deep Shadow that can work with any home color scheme. They also easily coordinate with any of our custom garage storage cabinets.

PremierOne® Stone looks like high-end granite for an elegant garage floor. The 1/4” chips imitate real stone in six neutral colors and are the perfect complement to our styles and finishes of custom garage storage cabinets.

PremierOne® Elements adds the crystalline shine of genuine shaved rock fragments containing mica, creating an organic metallic luster. Available in six standard metallic colors, this floor gives a natural stone texture with brilliant sheen and deep, intense color.

PremierOne® Stratus designs are created as applied, swirling together a blend of natural mica particles and pearlescent pigments for a look of molten metal in a three-dimensional abstract pattern. Available in seven standard colors, or you can combine colors for a more dramatic result.

PremierTrax flexible garage floor tiles

PremierTrax garage floor tiles create an amazingly durable floor with open-weave tiles that securely interlock so there’s no shifting or lifting of tiles. The open-profile surface and unique flow-through design let rain, snow and mud “disappear,” leaving the surface clean. With 18 popular colors, you can get creative to match a favorite car, your alma mater’s colors, our custom garage storage cabinets, or create a unique pattern. Depending on garage size and the fact that there’s no curing time or adhesives, a PremierTrax floor generally has one-day installation and your garage is back in service.

  • Define parking stalls or other spaces like a home gym or laundry area
  • Floor surface stays clean, reducing dirt tracked inside the house
  • Maintenance is beyond easy, spills can be hosed away
  • Tiles resist stains, cracking, fading and peeling
  • Upgrade an exposed carport with weather-resistant PremierTrax tiles

Add garage storage cabinets for organization

Once your garage floor is in place, you can install Innovative storage solutions to maximize all available space, floor to ceiling. Your garage becomes useful living space for the winter and all year long. Elements of custom garage storage design include:

  • Garage storage cabinets with adjustable shelves that can fit any space and safely store all your belongings, so you can find what you need.
  • Custom counter tops, including stainless steel, Butcher Block or Black laminate can create functional work space for hobbies, household chores and more.
  • Integrated LED lighting inside storage cabinets or over work benches creates a bright, safe environment.
  • Optional locking drawers and cabinets protect children and pets from dangerous tools or toxic products.
  • Wall-hanging storage systems like Slatwall panels utilize small spaces and organize everything.
  • Sturdy overhead storage racks can handle large items and free up the floor, so you can park the cars indoors, protected from damaging weather.

Additional tips to winterize your garage:

  • Install an insulated garage door and add insulation to your garage walls.
  • Safety check the garage door opener, oil moving parts, check hinges and supply fresh batteries in all remotes or keypads.
  • Automatic garage doors will not work during a power outage, so be sure everyone knows how to release the catch to manually raise the door so you can get the car out.
  • Wrap exposed water pipes to prevent freezing–such as to the washer or utility sink—with polyethylene insulation tubes, PVC pipe wrap, automatic heat tape or the DIYer’s favorite, newspaper wrapped 1/4” thick and secured with duct tape.
  • Place rugs or mats at the connecting door to the house to eliminate tracking in dirt, snow, mud and de-icing chemicals. For steps, use a runner or texturize the surface to prevent falls.
  • Screen over any entry points to keep unwanted furry guests out of your garage.
  • Have your deicer of choice--salt, ashes, kitty litter, sawdust or sand--readily available, stored close to the garage door for ease of use on driveway and walkways.
  • Have an emergency kit in every vehicle with food, water, and extra blankets in case of trouble. Check out How to Pack an Emergency Kit from

Don’t let winter challenges sneak up on you. Take steps now to update your garage so it will be an asset during the coldest months instead of a dark, scary place no one wants to enter. Tailored Living’s whole home organization specialists can help you design the perfect garage to expand your living space and meet the needs of your family. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.