You’ll Love Working from Home with a Custom Home Office

Every year more Americans are working from home. Depending on what reports or studies you read, anywhere from 3.9 to eight million people are working at least part-time from home. The benefits of working from home will continue to increase those numbers:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Lower stress levels
  • No commuting time and expense
  • Appeals to Millennials and older workers alike

While these benefits sound great, to successfully work from home requires more than a place to park your laptop. Balancing it on your knees, commandeering the dining room table or setting up in the laundry room isn’t going to produce the efficiency and productivity that you desire. Jockeying for space and working around family, pets and constant interruptions actually can create more stress and inefficiency. It also depends on how you work within your home. Some people need an environment for example, somewhere like a london office space in order to feel productive and get in the mood to work. While others are perfectly okay being able to work around their family while they watch TV next to them.

A custom home office to fit your needs

Tailored Living® has been designing and installing custom home offices for years, helping people to maximize their living space and get organized for a successful day’s work. An efficient home office will be a space where you enjoy spending time, and one that facilitates getting your work done, just make sure you are insuring your home office with a reputable company. Designing the perfect custom home office considers many factors, including:

  • Functionality
  • Specific space needs
  • Equipment availability
  • Comfort
  • Lighting

Efficiency requires proper space

To work efficiently, you need the right amount of space. For example, an architect with large blueprints needs more space to spread out than a freelance blogger. This even more essential if you have using this space to set up your business, then you will need space to store any promotional materials, for instance, merchandise like your business's cups, t-shirts or even Bulk Pens with Logo. Determining how much tabletop real estate you need, including regular office and desktop needs like computers and printers, is an important first step. Additionally, day-to-day availability of equipment, manuals, papers and files will impact space needs. And finally, how much space is available to devote to a home office--an entire room, the corner of a bedroom, a dual-purpose room, or nestled under a stairway—will ultimately drive the design of your custom home office.

  • Upper and lower cabinets provide enclosed storage to hide clutter and bulky technology.
  • Cabinets, drawers and shelves can accommodate your personal work style, with drawers for filing or open bins to organize stacks.
  • One or more work stations can be incorporated into the home office design.
  • Keeping computers, printers, copiers, scanners, shredders, headphones, office supplies, etc., close at hand means you don’t have to interrupt your work flow to print a document or hunt down a stapler.
  • If there’s no space in your home for the office you need, a backyard shed can be converted to a stylish home office with all the same amenities.

Create a comfortable work environment

Making your custom home office as comfortable as possible ensures you’ll got more work done and feel good while doing it. Long hours at a computer or in an uncomfortable chair can negatively impact work production. Headaches and muscle aches can drain energy that should be fueling your work. Do yourself a favor and make ergonomic considerations part of your home office design.

  • Get the comfiest desk chair you can find.
  • Desktop height can be customized for 5’2” or 6’4” comfort.
  • Alternate between sitting and a stand-up desk.
  • Have an arm chair or two for drop-in visitors, taking breaks, or a change of perspective.
  • Combine natural light, overhead light and task lighting to ensure you have plenty of light. Situate your computer screen so there is no glare to strain your eyes.
  • Temperature can make or break the work day. When it’s too hot or too cold it’s hard to focus. Opening windows and using fans and space heaters can keep your work space pleasant in any season if the thermostat is unreliable. A faux fireplace will keep your office cozy even in the coldest weather and add a touch of class.

Decorate with the things you love

Any work day is brightened up when you can see things that make you happy. Family pictures are common office accessories as well as awards, trophies and favorite collectibles. Bring into your home office space those items that lift your spirits when you see them.

  • A plush rug with “wake-up” colors to pamper your bare feet.
  • Use fun versions of not-so-elegant items, such as wastebaskets of unique design, crystal dishes to hold paper clips or pens, character bookends, and your best mug for coffee or tea.
  • Hang a favorite piece of artwork, or display a collection of golf balls, antique clocks or music boxes on a shelf.
  • Add scented candles, potpourri, fresh flowers or green plants.
  • Have a few of your best-loved books so they’ll be ready for a quick read when you take a break.

The shared-space home office

If your home office shares space in a dual-purpose room, like a guest room or TV room, you can still have efficient space to work that easily transitions to the other use as well. The design experts at Tailored Living can help you maximize the functionality of the room with custom cabinets, shelving, desktops and drawers to accommodate both uses of the room.

  • Enclosed cabinets will hide the work paraphernalia when the work day is done or use a room divider to cordon off the office space.
  • A built-in Murphy Bed instantly turns the office into a guest room when needed and folds away when not in use.
  • Our wide range of colors and finishes lets you match your home’s décor with cabinetry, crown molding, and decorative hardware so the room is an extension of your style.
  • Custom storage and organization solutions eliminate clutter and ensure functionality for all uses.

A shared home office can be efficient with custom work spaces and storage solutions for all uses of a room

If working at home isn’t as pleasurable as you’d like, we can help with home office ideas to create a custom home office you’ll love, one that will enable you to work more efficiently, integrating comfort and convenience and maximizing the space that you have. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation. As whole home organization and storage specialists, we can also help calm the clutter and enhance everyday living for your family with custom closet storage systems, pantry and laundry room design, entryway solutions, garage storage cabinets and custom garage flooring.