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Move your pantry from chaos to calm with custom storage and organization solutions that will tidy up the contents, restore order, and make everything in your pantry easily accessible.

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Storage and Organization Solutions to Customize Your Pantry Space

A well-organized pantry can hold an amazing amount of things, making it easier to get dinner on the table, pack school lunches, make out a grocery list and save money by buying in bulk. With a custom system of cabinets, shelves, specialty racks and pull-outs, your Tailored Living designer can help you maximize your space and structure pantry storage that is designed specifically for what you need. An organized pantry is just one more way to make managing your home more enjoyable.

  • Vertical storage, with floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets, captures high, unused space to store seldom-used items like small appliances and seasonal dishes, extra stocks of paper products like paper towels, napkins, and Kleenex.
  • Shelf depth is variable, from the standard 11” up to 16”, to accommodate large or small items like family-size cereal boxes vs. individual-size serving packages. You can even have wider shelves up high, with narrower shelves at floor level if space is an issue.
  • Pull-out bins and baskets make it easy to reach stored items and to see when your supply is running low.
  • Spice racks let you easily see what you have so you don’t overstock on garlic and have absolutely no rosemary for that special chicken recipe.
  • Shelf dividers help with organizing canned goods and boxed foodstuffs so you can see at a glance what you need to add to your grocery list. Putting newest foodstuffs behind what’s already in the pantry will ensure nothing stays on the shelf past its expiration date; things are used in the order of purchase.
  • Keep school lunch items bunched together so you don’t run out of what the family needs to pack lunches.
  • Custom wine racks can create a “mini wine cellar,” keeping your favorite wines where it’s dark and cool, the bottles stored on their sides to preserve the flavor and keep the bottles stationary. Did you know that consistent vibration (like on top of a refrigerator) can ruin the wine?
  • Pull-put bins can keep recyclables out of sight and out of the way.
  • Kitchen towels, table linens, and placemats can stack neatly on a shelf or in a cabinet instead of being stuffed into several drawers around the kitchen.
  • Buying pet food in larger sizes saves money. Storing it in air-tight containers in the pantry keeps it fresh and handy for feeding time and eliminates the mess when the bags tear open.
  • Specialty items like large skillets, pizza stones, punch bowls or woks that are big and unwieldy can safely store on easily-accessible shelves in the pantry.
  • Tall cabinets can house mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies, with an added shelf for maintenance items like light bulbs and batteries.
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