Bring the “Wow” Factor into Garage Flooring with PremierOne® Elements

This option for an extra special floor design could be just the thing to make you love your garage. A new garage floor can transform a ho-hum garage into a beautiful space. If your garage serves as laundry central, hobby/crafting space or a family home gym alongside your parked car, a luminous PremierOne Elements floor will make every activity better. Elevate your garage to high fashion and expand your functional living space with a beautiful new garage floor.

A Dream Garage Makeover

Our designers can help you find the perfect garage storage systems and organization solutions that work for your lifestyle. Your garage will be transformed into a masterpiece of utility and beauty, using a combination of garage cabinets, shelves, wall storage systems and overhead racks atop a custom PremierOne Elements garage floor. Garage organization will become a part of everyday life and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make over your garage and capture all that lovely space.

With Tailored Living, all the work from design to installation is done by trained professionals, so the installation of your new floor coating is quick and easy. Your garage floor is machine-prepped to remove contaminants in the existing floor by grinding the concrete and filling any holes, chips and cracks, creating the ideal surface. Tailored Living’s proprietary epoxy floor coatings can be up to twice as thick as other floor coatings, ensuring long-lasting durability and shine for your PremierOne Elements floor. Surface preparation and installation takes two to three days, with a curing time of 24 to 36 hours so, in just a few days, you’ll have a worry-free floor for years to come!

But no floor is indestructible, and although warrantied against chips, cracks, stains or fading, you should take care to protect your PremierOne Elements garage floor from extreme abuse. Here are some tips for maintaining your floor’s integrity:

  • Wipe up any spills immediately
  • Occasionally sweep with a soft broom or dust mop to keep dust away 
  • Clean and rinse the garage floor every few months with a low-pH (neutral) cleaner like Simple Green® to keep the floor immaculate (no citrus, vinegar or soap-based cleaners)
  • Test any new cleaner on a small, out-of-the-way area before you do the entire floor
  • Protect the surface from damage by not dragging heavy items across the floor
  • Use mats or padding under such things as a motorcycle kick stand, tire jack or other tools
  • Place rugs where spills or moisture are common, such as in front of washer and dryer, a utility sink, workbench or steps into the house

Not Just a “Pretty Face”

PremierOne Elements comes in six gorgeous colors and its extreme durability and unique beauty can add drama to any color scheme. Instead of dull, gray concrete, imagine a new floor in one of these colors--Patina, Bronze, Copper, Rust, Pewter, Iron—and see if it doesn’t change your opinion of your garage. The stunning colors of the PremierOne Elements floor coatings coordinate beautifully with all of Tailored Living’s garage storage cabinet colors and finishes.

But it’s not just a “pretty face.” Every PremierOne Elements garage floor coating is a hard-working floor that delivers value and durability you can count on.

  • Resists chipping, peeling, fading or stains
  • Withstands heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions
  • Cleans up easily; nothing sticks to the surface so spills are no problem to remove
  • Resists chemicals commonly found in garages, including gasoline, auto fluids and paint thinner
  • Reduces the buildup of allergens, dust and dirt that cling to unfinished concrete
  • Chemically bonds with the concrete floor, creating a continuous, non-porous surface
  • Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) makes it safe for you and the environment

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