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Giving back is in our DNA. At Tailored Living we are centered around making our communities vibrant and full of hope as proven by our local whole home organization experts.

The Wellbeing & safety of our customers is our top priority.

We’re taking all necessary precautions during this time for our customers and associates.

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Heart & Home was created to show our commitment to giving back and is an extension of our core value of caring. We are about our customers, the communities we live in and, as importantly, our franchisees, staff, families and friends.

Tailored Living Cares

Heart & Home is Tailored Living’s longstanding commitment to caring and giving-back. Through ongoing national partnerships and local, community efforts, we’re focused on transforming people’s lives and the communities that we live in. Philanthropic initiatives include food and clothing drives, caring for veterans and their families, 5K walks and runs to raise awareness, and much more. Because caring is in our DNA, it’s also a core value that permeates every level of the company and drives policy.

Working Wardrobes

Give Me $5 is part of a comprehensive Working Wardrobes program. It starts with six weeks of job training, resume writing, interviewing skills, and job application completion, as well as learning how to speak about previous issues in an interview situation. This six-week commitment is followed by a "Day of Self-Esteem," when participants get new business attire, professional grooming, and a new lease on their worth in the world. That's when -"Give Me $5" - kicks in, providing funds for travel to training and interviews. Your commitment of $5 a month or more for gas or public transport will make a critical difference.

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