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  • Organize Your Home with Custom Storage Solutions that Fit Your Lifestyle

    Custom organization and storage solutions from Tailored Living can help you keep your whole home running smoothly and efficiently with everything from a custom entertainment center to an organized and efficient kitchen. No matter how a room is used, between the people and things that pass through it, any room could benefit from an organization and storage design focus to clear away clutter and maximize space. Along with custom closet systems, garage organization and home office design, our designers are experts with laundry room, pantry and entertainment center storage and organization.

    • Add beauty and valuable storage to any room with a custom entertainment or media center.
    • Maximize your pantry to multiply its space and make your whole kitchen more efficient.
    • Streamline your laundry processes to save time and effort.
    Tailored Living’s storage solutions can help you live more comfortably in every room in your home.

  • Pantry Storage

  • A pantry is like a closet in that it holds more than just the obvious. You think of a closet, you think of clothes, but you also think of all the accessories—shoes, purses, jewelry and such. In a pantry, you have the obvious--food stuffs--but there are also so many other things that a pantry can hold: Small appliances, seasonal serving dishes and decorations, spices, wine and spirits, non-perishable paper products, cleaning supplies, mops and brooms, table linens and pots and pans.

    A well-organized pantry can hold an amazing amount of things, making it easier to get dinner on the table, pack school lunches, make out a grocery list and save money by buying in bulk. Pantry organizer systems with  custom-designed storage solutions to accommodate everything you need to store in your pantry will maximize the space and keep daily-use items close at hand, with seldom-use items out of the way but available when needed.

  • Tailored Living’s designers can help you design custom pantry storage that works for the way you live. Your pantry will have space for what is important to you and your family, whether it’s 50-pound bags of dog food or bins of fruit for homemade jams and jellies.

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  • Custom Laundry Room Storage Solutions

  • If doing the laundry is a bug-a-boo at your house, maybe it’s because you don’t have a system in place, or you don’t have a proper place to work your system! Laundry can be a frustrating task, but by implementing a Tailored Living custom-designed laundry solution, you may find it’s not so bad after all. No, we can’t get the stain out of that silk blouse, but we can ensure you have everything you need to make laundry day as worry-free and convenient as possible through specialty organization and storage solutions.

    Whether you have a whole room for laundry or just a corner in the house or garage, with planning and organization you can maximize the space and make your task more efficient. Doing laundry involves more than just loading a washer and dryer. A custom laundry solution of cabinets, counter tops, shelves and innovative storage that maximizes all available space and brings all the processes together may change the way you feel about doing laundry. A centralized solution will save lots of time and steps.

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  • Entertainment Center Storage

  • An “entertainment center” can evolve in any room in the house. From a single internet connection in the kitchen to floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets in a family room, entertainment center cabinets can take many forms. With Tailored Living’s range of styles, finishes and hardware choices, you’ll get the perfect complement to your décor for any room in the house, including the garage, where a Man Cave is an ideal candidate for a custom entertainment center.

    Nowadays, most homes have multiple TVs, game systems, computers, DVD players, stereos, radios and other forms of entertainment that take up space and contribute to clutter and messiness. Factor in the stacks of DVDs, PlayStation and Xbox game controls, Wii and accessories, CDs, remotes and iPods, and storage can become a big challenge.

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  • See Your Space in 3D

  • D'Vinci Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Design! 

    During your in-home consultation, your local designer will use D'Vinci, our proprietary 3D design software. In real time you’ll see your design come to life, modifications will be made instantly, and colors and finishes will be switched until it’s just right.

    To experience the magic of D'Vinci, drag the orange triangle to view a photo-realistic 3D rendering and final installation image for comparison. You’ll truly love what you see!

  • Get Started Today with a Free In-Home Consultation

  • Our standard laminates come in 14 color finishes: White, Antique White, Secret, Caramel Apple, Wild Apple, Chocolate Apple, Cocoa, Mahogany, Concrete, Licorice, Arctic, Twilight Linea, Acorn Linea and Folkstone Gray. Italia comes in seven luxurious finishes: Antique White, Secret, Caramel Apple, Wild Apple, Chocolate Apple, Cocoa and Mahogany. Real wood stains are available in various colors; consult your local designer.

    Tailored Living’s six standard design styles can accommodate fancy to fanciful or rustic to romantic. Traditional and Victorian styles have raised-panel design details to fancy dress up any space. Contemporary and Modern styles present clean, sleek lines, with smooth surfaces and minimal detail. Craftsman and Italia styles strike a balance between the two, with artisan-inspired, clean-line details. 

    Let your Tailored Living designer help you select the style that speaks to you, either by matching your existing décor or inventing a stylized space just for you.

    Design options include numerous finishes, styles and hardware choices, allowing you to customize your space for your own distinctive style. Traditional laminates, real wood stains and the luxurious Italia finishes provide endless possibilities to accommodate any budget.

    • Finishes

      Choose between traditional laminates, rich wood stains and luxurious Italia glaze finishes.

    • Hardware Styles

      Three standard decorative hardware finishes for closet rods, drawer handles and accessories are: Polished Chrome, Matte Nickle and Oil Brushed Bronze. Additional styles are available through special order, just ask your designer.

    • Framed Glass Cabinet Doors

      Cabinet doors can be customized with glass insets such as clear, frosted or textured glass.  This allows display of what’s inside with the added protection of enclosed storage.

    • Integrated Lighting

      Integrated lighting includes LED track, LED Puck or Ribbon LED style lights so you can illuminate inside cabinets, highlight shelves and brighten dark corners so you can easily find what you want.

    • Decorative Molding

      Decorative molding is the finishing touch to any space. Choose from various styles of base molding, top mount crown molding, face mount crown molding and vertical trim moldings to beautifully personalize space.

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