5 Reasons Why You Want Radiator Covers

In New England, we can't avoid those older homes. Large, decorative colonial and victorian homes are a piece of our local history in our area and with many being redecorated and remolded can be stunning. But what about that old radiator that takes up all that space? Here is a list of 5 simple reasons why we think a radiator cover makes the perfect sense for today's living style. 

Home Radiator

  1. Safety - radiators can get quite hot so installing them in homes with small children and/or pets is a great idea.  Also, if a radiator was to malfunction with hot steam going everywhere, a cover will block the full force of the blow.
  2. Protection - they block heat and moisture from hitting close furniture, fixtures and drapes, saving you time and money to replace damaged items.
  3. Heating - with proper designing, a radiator cover can distribute heat better to the living areas rather than toward the ceiling for as much as a four and a half-degree difference in the lower space of a room.
  4. Usable space - having more room to add a lamp, plant or picture to newly available space...sometimes even a bench
  5. Affordable and Functional - priced right, a designer from Tailored Living NH can help with getting the right size cover for your radiator and the perfect design to match any taste and decor.