Closet Accessories

Let's face it most of us have to get dressed in the morning.  It's estimated that men spend on average 13 minutes and women spend on average 17 minutes a day deciding what to wear and much of this time is rifling through the wardrobe and throwing clothing around the room struggling to come up with an outfit.  "Wardrobe rage" is real and a designer from Tailored Living NH can help transition your closet chaos into an organizational oasis.  A large part of wardrobe organization is having the right accessories to make the job of storing and utilizing our apparel easier and hassle-free.  From tie and belt racks to scarf and pant racks, each makes it easier to access and store items.   Our Valet pull-out rods keep the clothes we need close at hand and the stackable felt-lined jewelry trays bring order to precious keepsakes and ornamental decorations.  Shoes are something we usually have several pairs of and we have shoe drawers to help store, organize, and access. Acrylic dividers are also available to help organize anything from socks and stockings to a range of undergarments, hats, mittens, and collectibles.  We also have LED lighting to bring any closet to life and most of our items come in a variety of sizes and finishes to help bring that custom look and feel to any closet.

Custom Closet Wardrobe