Closet Design Trends For 2016

Custom closets have come a long way from their initial concept of just a shelf and a wooden pole. Now that we have a demand for more storage space our closets have grown in size and what they can store for us. Here are 5 exciting closet design trends we have noticed that work well to make the most of your closet space while looking great.

Custom Closet Design

Remove Closet Doors

When a closet design is perfect, show it off! There is no need to keep the ugly regular closet doors in place when you have a clutter-free and gorgeous closet space.

Closet Islands

Islands are a great way to add much needed drawer space. Granite or marble countertops complete the look and add a great flat space for folding and sorting.

Whites & Brights

Classic white closets are back! We also have other types of white finishes such as White Chocolate and Antique White that are popular choices this year.

Crown Molding

It's the extra touches like crown molding that can make all the difference in a closet design.

Glass Doors

Hide your clothes behind glass doors for a bright and finished look. Add an extra flare to your closet by choosing a unique glass pattern.