Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Per Washington State law, customer will have (3) three days, known as the recission period, to make any changes to the initial signed order received.  The recission period can begin when the following conditions are met:

1.     Upon receipt of deposit as noted on the work order (order form), and

2.     All pages within the customer’s DocuSign package (usually e-mailed to customer within 1 or 2 days of the signed order form), including this page, have been signed and/or initialed as instructed.  Because Washington is a joint property state, a spouse, partner, or other entity (may or may not be shown on the title of the mortgage where the work is to be completed), may be asked to sign as well. In either case, status by DocuSign must show as “Completed”.

After the third day of the recission period, any changes to the purchased design will be considered a change order.  Any change to the approved designs may result in additional charges that will be reviewed with the customer for final approval.  The product provided under this contract is being manufactured to the needs and specifications of the client and therefore may not be returned or refunded. 

Upon receipt of the product from our manufacturer(s), Tailored Living will inspect all materials for damage, defects and correct quantity. The installation date will then be confirmed with the customer. Customer agrees to have all personal contents removed from the space that might interfere with Tailored Livings' ability to successfully complete the installation of the approved plans.

Outstanding balance will be due upon completion.  In the event the project is not fully completed on the scheduled installation date(s), Tailored Living will collect a progress payment of 90% of the outstanding balance and allow the customer to hold back the remaining 10% until the job is completed in full.