6 Mudroom Design Ideas That Will Have You Ready For The Holidays!

Those fortunate enough to live in regions in which seasons are most distinct are probably used to the often-cumbersome rituals of removing snow, mud, dirt, and debris from homes’ entryways during the winter. But even in places where snow does not fall, the flurry of holiday activity can wreak havoc on even the most organized of living spaces.

In these six pieces of professional home organization advice, Tailored Living reveals a variety of mudroom design ideas to help keep your home organized, appear presentable to holiday guests, and most importantly, ensure your floors are kept dirt-free.

1. Homes that do not have a designated mudroom can accommodate one within the garage. When family members and houseguests remove icy or dirty boots, overcoats, and scarves in the garage rather than in the foyer, sediment falls to the garage floor rather than the floors inside a home. Leaving snow and mud in the garage prevents tile and wood from becoming slippery, while keeping the home welcoming and fit for entertainment. For optimal cleanliness and the option to mark floor space for cars, walking areas, and mudroom spaces, Tailored Living suggests having garage tiles installed.

2. Whether placed in the garage or in a more formal mudroom, an entryway bench is essential to mudroom design. In addition to helping guests with poor balance to remove shoes and serving as a seat for guests to easily remove jackets or snow clothes, a bench with storage improves your home organization by keeping extra household belongings neatly tucked away.

3. Installing a guest closet space within a shelving unit or equipping such a unit with hooks gives families the ability to air out dirty overcoats rather than toss them over a chair or into a pile. Keeping all coats and boots within the mudroom also keeps families organized so that leaving the house to start the day is always fluid and simple.

4. In addition to having a space to hang clothes, Tailored Living also recommends considering short-term storage for bags, backpacks, lunch bags, and winter accessories. Pullout drawers, shelves, hooks, and baskets are among the possible home organization solutions depending on the unique layout of a garage, entryway, or proper mudroom.

5. Shoe storage is another mudroom necessity. While some homes can easily accommodate a large shoe rack for the entryway, others may benefit from an entryway bench with lower shoe cubbies or a shoe rack built into a custom shelving unit. Consider that those needing to regularly dry snow boots or rain boots will need taller shoe racks built to accommodate dripping.

6. Families that could use extra organization, especially during the excitement of the holidays, may benefit from installing bins in their entryway. This allows them to prepare for each week ahead by placing necessary items in designated places.

To design and install your custom mudroom with Tailored Living, contact your local Home Organization specialist today.