7 Ways to Organize a Walk in Closet and Create More Space

Closet organizers are note solely for gaining square footage back– they’re also savers of time and money. Nothing is more disruptive to an otherwise routine morning than a missing left shoe or a hiding cufflink, and no one wants to spend money replacing seasonal items that have simply been forgotten about. Such problems as these are simply organizational, and can be easily solved with utilization of closet accessories. Following are a few tips to get started on improving your closet space.

  1. All small items from belts to undergarments can be stored and sorted within custom drawer dividers. Tailored Living can offer personalized divider services to fit your current drawers and specific needs.
  2. Pullout drawers are perhaps the most popularly discussed, but most overlooked, of the closet organizers. Simple solutions to wrinkled wardrobe and buried items, they can be built thinly for ease of viewing your items, or with depth for maximal storage. They are also customizable by size, color, and materials to match your taste and budget.
  3. An easy solution to commonly tangled or lost accessories is the jewelry drawer. A shallow pullout with custom jewelry dividers, you can use as few or as many as you need. It’s an ideal way to protect your valuable pieces, as well as to keep track of them all.
  4. Though often thought of as outside the family of closet accessories, safes are excellent tools for keeping track of your most precious valuables. Whether you’re storing emergency cash or a beloved inheritance, we’re happy to help you find a strategic space for a safe within your custom closet.
  5. An alternate solution to the pullout or mounted mirror is one that hosts your reflection on one side, and your toiletries on the other. A multi-purpose accessory, it frees up space in both your bathroom and your closet.
  6. Those with high ceilings or those who won’t risk balancing on chairs may take advantage of vertical space with pull-down racks and valet rods. Pictures of these practical innovations can be found here.
  7. Consulting to a closet organization professional will ensure your home improvement efforts save maximal time, money, and space. At Tailored Living, we pride ourselves in taking the time to ask the right questions about your needs and lifestyle so that the investment in your service is one hundred percent personalized. To speak to a local expert or to schedule a free in-home consultation, simply visit www.tailoredliving.com.