Create a Comfortable, Gracious Guest Room to Delight Your Guests

Have you ever visited someone and wished you’d stayed at a hotel instead of their home because your accommodations were so uncomfortable and inadequate? Yes, visits are about spending time with people, but at the end of the day, you really want a nice place to sleep and you don’t want to be living out of your suitcase for an extended period of time.

Kids can crash anywhere, but if you’re over 21, comfort has probably become more important and an air mattress on the floor just won’t do the trick!

How do you take care of guests in your home? Have you seriously put yourself in their place when it comes to where you put them? Ask yourself if you’d be comfortable and happy visiting you.

Elements of a Gracious Guest Room
Since a guest room is the designated space for your visitor’s use, you want it to be as inviting and functional as possible, providing sufficient space so they can get everything out of their suitcases and feel more at home.

Of course, a separate guest room is the ideal for overnight visits, but whether you have a guest room or a room that doubles as an “other-use” room, there are some things you can do to make the guest room (or area) comfortable and welcoming, adding to everyone’s enjoyment.

  • Clear away the clutter. Move out any non-essentials. If it’s a dual-purpose room like a sewing room or home office, store away the everyday “stuff” and free up furniture surfaces and the floor so your guest will have usable space.
  • Designate closet and drawer space. Make sure there is enough closet and drawer space so your guest can completely unpack and show them what space is available for their use. A dozen assorted hangers in the closet should take care of any hanging needs, and dresser drawers or closet hanging cubbies can hold folded items.
  • Provide for comfortable reading. Lots of people travel with laptops, notebooks or Kindles, so a comfortable reading space will be appreciated. A chair, desk and reading light invite leisurely relaxation for time alone or winding down before bed. Have interesting books or magazines on the night stand, along with some reading glasses—just in case.
  • Light up the space. A bedside table lamp that can be turned off from the bed is a good idea so your guest won’t stumble around in the dark after turning off a light switch across the room. A night light is helpful in unfamiliar surroundings, especially if the bathroom is down the hall. Supplement natural light with enough lamps to really brighten up the room.
  • Use fresh linens. To ensure a good night’s sleep clean, fresh bed linens are essential. Provide both soft and firm pillows to allow for individual preference. Make the bed up just before the visit and provide extra blankets and a cozy throw to wrap up in when reading or on the computer.
  • Have extra toiletries. No one wants to snoop around for supplies, so be sure the bathroom is stocked with extra toilet paper and tissues. Take a tip from the luxury hotels and create a welcome basket with shampoo, soap, new toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, shaving cream, disposable razor—things they might need but have forgotten. If sharing a bathroom, put the welcome basket in the guest room along with their towels and wash cloths so there’s no question that these items are for their use.

This home office converts to a cozy guest room with the Murphy Bed and some added touches.

Think about what you like in your own bedroom and add that little something extra to make the guest room feel more like home:

  • Holiday/seasonal decoration in the room
  • Fresh flowers, scented candles
  • Alarm clock, small TV, radio or CD player and selection of music
  • Standing mirror and/or makeup (magnifying) mirror
  • Goodie basket with bottled water and late-night snacks

Gracious living doesn’t have to be expensive, just put comfort first and strive to be as accommodating a hostess as possible. You’ll feel terrific knowing your guests are well cared for.
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