Custom Closet Design with Maximum-Efficiency Closet Accessories

A custom closet storage system is the best way to have maximum efficiency in your closet. There are all kinds of closet systems, from wire shelving (the favorite of DIYers) to elaborate closet designs with cabinet doors, crown molding and decorative hardware that call to mind fantastic celebrity closets.

But what if you want something in the middle—not the elaborate cabinets and certainly not the flimsy DIY wire systems –more a “no frills” system that is beautiful and efficient? You call Tailored Living®, of course. Our designers are experts at building out exactly the closet you need, and our wide range of closet accessories ensures that you will have necessary storage whether you’re a boot scootin’ line dancer with a wardrobe of cowboy boots or a Fortune 500 exec with Hugo Boss suits.

From Old Gringo boots to silk ties to designer handbags, you can have everything in your closet organized and ready to wear whenever you need it. These 10 closet accessory ideas can accommodate any closet design for neatniks or messies, moms or dads, kids or grads and shared closets, too.

Clean lines and clean design equal super efficiency:

An open-closet concept makes getting dressed in the morning a quick and painless task. Shoe racks, pull-out bins and hampers, tiered hanging rods and adjustable shelves keep an entire wardrobe neat and organized. Customized floor-to-ceiling storage utilizes every inch of space beautifully.


Valet rods give extra hanging space:

Valet rods, stationary or retractable, can provide valuable hanging space when you need it. Valet rods are like a helping hand to hold dry cleaning, stage an outfit, or assist with sorting and wardrobe maintenance. Until you have one, you’ll never know how much you’ll use a valet rod.


Shelves with dividers keep folded items organized:

Pull-out shelves with dividers are perfect for folded clothes like jeans, sweaters and tee shirts. Everything is easy access for getting dressed or putting away the laundry. The dividers keep the stacks neat and you can quickly see what you have, so no more Diva-drama, “I have nothing to wear!”


Tiered hanging rods maximize space:

By grouping like items together, you can double the hanging space in any closet with tiered clothes rods. Long skirts or dresses can hang freely, with shirts and blouses taking up just the right amount of space. Specialty pants racks keep slacks wrinkle-free on custom hangers, making a shared closet a pleasure.


Organize your shoes with custom shoe racks:

Slanted shoe racks with front rails keep your shoes in plain sight and ready at a moment’s notice. Rails protect your fancy heels, ensuring that they won’t end up on the closet floor. At a glance you’ll know if you need new shoes for that up-coming special event or a new color of your favorite go-to Vans.


He’ll never misplace another belt or tie:

Custom racks for ties, scarves and belts keep these important accessories available, wrinkle-free and untangled. No more stuffing ties in drawers or mislaid belts chewed up by the dog. With front-and-center storage, it’s no problem to put ties, scarves and belts away and never lose another one.


Velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect your valuables:

Custom jewelry drawers will protect all your valuables, including gold, silver and pearl jewelry as well as sunglasses and watches. Individual compartments hold earrings, bracelets and necklaces so they don’t jumble together getting scratched or tangled. Keep matching sets together so accessorizing is quick.


Integrated hampers make laundry day easier:

Pull-out and tilt-out hampers for dirty clothes keep discards off the floor. It’s a no-stress system for dropping dirty clothes into the hampers while getting dressed and undressed. Custom liners make it extra easy to collect the laundry for sorting and washing on laundry day.


Closet accessories provide ultimate convenience:

Revolving shoe racks, mirrors, custom designer hooks and even a pull-out ironing board are additional options for customizing your closet. Whatever your closet’s organizational needs, with custom closet accessories you can fine-tune the design for exactly what you want.


Custom closets are for kids, too:

Help your children learn the beauty of organization early with custom closet systems that puts wardrobe management within their reach. Shoe racks, low hanging rods and drawers enable your kids to dress themselves and put away their own laundry. The result is neater bedrooms and happier moms.

Eliminate closet clutter and confusion for your whole family. Let Tailored Living help you customize every closet in your home to meet your specific needs, including walk-in and reach-in closets, hallway closets, entryway closets and linen closets.  Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Scroll through our online Design Solutions Guide and begin to image your whole home organized.