Eliminate Household Clutter With Three Tips To Make All Your Closets More Efficient

All closets, regardless of type, have one thing in common. They are supposed to keep the contents accessible and organized. This includes clothes closets, utility closets, craft or hobby closets, hall or entryway closets, and linen closets. Admittedly, that goal is easier said than done, and household closets can range from organized to over-stuffed and out of control. If your closets could use some help to be more helpful to you, these three tips from Tailored Living® will make every closet efficient, eliminating unwanted clutter in your home.

Beautifully Organized Closet Having all your closets organized will contribute to a clutter-free home by having a place for everything

Tip one: Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the closet

Items can travel room to room with incredible ease and end up in the wrong closet. By removing everything from a closet that should not be there, you’ll free up closet space for what needs to be in the closet. By relocating misplaced items to wherever they do belong, they’ll become useful again since you can now find them. Relocate:

  • Towels in your clothes closet that should be in the linen closet.
  • The pile of shoes in the hall closet that belongs in various bedroom closets.
  • The shoebox of tools in the linen closet that needs to move out to the garage.

Tip two:  Only keep and store what you actually use

Yes, the inevitable purging step. Go closet by closet and get rid of anything that you don’t use or need, including clothes, shoes, appliances, sports equipment, games, bedding, table linens, and cleaning supplies. It’s amazing how many cleaners and home care products can be ineffective, smelly, or have spray bottles that refuse to spray, yet they move to the back of the closet and take up valuable storage space. Purge, purge, purge:

  • Toys, games, and electronics no one uses anymore.
  • Worn out, outdated, and ill-fitting clothes and shoes no one will ever wear again.
  • Specialty gear or equipment for a hobby or project that never quite caught on.
  • Belts, shoes, purses, and backpacks with broken straps, heels, or buckles that will never be repaired.

There is one allowable exception:  If it’s something you love, regardless of its usefulness, feel free to keep it—just be sure it’s in the proper closet.

Tip three:  Customize the storage to fit the contents

By removing the excess from all your closets, you can organize specifically for the contents in each closet. Tailored Living’s custom closet organization systems will outfit each individual closet with appropriate storage options like cabinets, drawers, adjustable shelves, decorative hooks, pullout bins, baskets, and specialty racks, so every closet becomes user-friendly storage space.

Clothes closets that start the day off right

Custom closet storage systems are designed for the specific needs of the unique user. The combination of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and specialty closet accessories will keep any wardrobe well-maintained and accessible so getting dressed every morning is a pleasure.

An organized closet keeps you ready for anything the day brings from work to an evening out

  • Tiered rods can double hanging space for shirts, jackets, blouses and skirts.
  • Shoe racks protect your shoes while keeping mates together and the floor free of clutter.
  • Shelves, either open or inside cabinets, accommodate folded items, hats, bags, and purses.
  • Drawers with dividers organize small essentials and velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect all your favorite bling.
  • For kids’ closets, low-level pullout baskets, drawers, and hanging rods let them manage on their own when they can reach what they need.

Linen closets to be proud of

Most homes expect a lot from their linen closet, it’s supposed to protect and organize all the family textiles from bath towels to sheets and holiday tablecloths. Without organization, a linen closet can be chaotic with the family rooting through the stacks to find a towel or pillowcase. Custom design from Tailored Living will capture all usable space so you can categorize all your linens and keep them in perfect order. 

Built in Cabinet Linen Closet Create a linen closet in an unused space with a built-in cabinet in a hallway or laundry room

  • Adjustable shelves and shelf dividers let you customize to keep folded stacks of sheets and towels neat.
  • Use baskets and drawers for smaller items like wash cloths and napkins and use bins on the floor for bulky pieces.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags can minimize the space required to store off-season linens.
  • Fold or roll towels and sheets and be consistent for a très chic look (if fitted sheets defeat your best efforts at neatness, check out How to Fold A Fitted Sheet).
  • Don’t have more towels and sheets than your family can use, they’ll overload your linen closet and get musty from non-use.

Entryway and hall closets that work for you

Whether you have a hall closet in your entryway or just a foyer, Tailored Living can get you organized so you’ll always have an uncluttered, welcoming entrance to your home. Custom storage solutions include built-in units or in-closet shelving and hanging rods, making your space highly functional and orderly.  

  • Decorative hooks beautifully hold coats, jackets, and bags at adult and child levels for easy access.
  • A sturdy hanging rod and heavy-duty clothes hangers will handle even heavy coats in the closet.
  • Use drawers or baskets to sort and organize small items like gloves, hats, and scarves.
  • Shoe racks or cubbies keep shoes neat and off the floor.
  • Overhead shelves or cabinets can hold backpacks and other larger items.
  • Label baskets or bins to make everything easy to find and store.

Utility closets that help with everyday home maintenance

Some people treat a utility closet as it it’s a junk drawer and anything goes! It’s no wonder they can become out of control and unhelpful. If you restrict this closet to cleaning and household supplies, you’ll find that much more than the broom and vacuum cleaner can live happily in the space, even if it’s small.

Organized Storage Utility Closet Purposeful organization in the utility closet lets you find light bulbs, extension cords, batteries, and hand tools when you need them

  • Claim space for large items like a vacuum cleaner or floor polisher and add floor-to-ceiling adjustable shelves around the large items.
  • Labeled drawers and clear storage boxes or bins quickly organize small items like tools, light bulbs, flashlights, and vacuum attachments.
  • Designate space for staples like paper towels, cleaning cloths, and trash bags.
  • Slatwall panels with adjustable hooks can hang brooms, mops, and dusters as well as accessory shelves and baskets to hold household cleaners.
  • A quick DIY fix for a small utility closet is a canvas or plastic over-the-door shoe bag to hold cleaning supplies.

Making your closets work better for you will make it easier to keep your whole house in order. Custom closet organization systems from Tailored Living can help uncover hidden storage space you never knew you had, by utilizing all available space in every closet. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. Once you’ve experienced living with organized closets, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations