Four Tips for the Perfect Winter Closet

In most parts of the country, the changing seasons mean changing wardrobes. This is the time of year we start looking for where we stored our sweaters, wooly socks and fluffy scarves. Major closet congestion can occur as wardrobes collide—sundresses, shorts and sandals competing for space with cold weather fashions, boots and coats.

Before the full force of winter arrives with its bone-chilling temperatures, snow, rain, sleet and hail, you need to get your closet and your wardrobe ready. Don’t wait for that first freezing morning to start looking for your cold-weather survival clothes. Tailored Living® wants to help you comfortably ease into winter with four simple tips for getting your wardrobe and your closet ready for anything from cozy mornings at home to a nighttime holiday gala.

One:  Relocate warm weather clothes to off-season storage

Your closet’s purpose is to assist you with getting dressed every day, so you’ll want everything you need for the current season easily accessible. By removing the warm weather items you won’t be wearing again until spring, you free up space for having winter garments and accessories front and center.

  • Purge your closet of all spring and summer wear
  • Discard any that won’t see another season due to stains, excessive wear, or bad fit
  • Make sure all items are clean and dry before placing in plastic storage bins or garment bags for safe keeping and toss in scented dryer sheets or sachets to preserve freshness
  • Move off-season clothing to garage storage, highest shelves in the closet or place in the back of the closet
  • Determine what items you need to fill out your winter wardrobe--new rain boots, leather gloves, sweaters or flannel pajamas and treat yourself to a little shopping trip

Two: Assemble your entire winter wardrobe in one closet

Except for heavy coats and rain boots that may reside in a mudroom or hall closet, get all your winter clothes into your closet, in one place. This makes it much easier to build out an outfit, from layering items like tights, thermal underwear and camisoles to finishing accessories like socks, scarves, gloves and hats.

  • Group like items together, such as folded sweaters on shelves
  • Use specialty hangers for scarves and belts so they are easy to find
  • Roll socks in pairs so mates don’t get lost
  • Keep lingerie organized in drawers with dividers or in labeled bins
  • Group jackets, pants and shirts on hangers
  • Shoe racks will keep shoes and boots organized and protected from damage
  • Store hats on shelves or hooks
  • Get heavy-duty wood hangers for bulky jackets and coats

Three: Protect your clothes and shoes from moths and mildew

Winter fabrics present some unique challenges. They are heavier than warm weather clothes and can hold moisture for long periods of time, making them targets for mold. And, natural fibers like wool and silk are favorite snacks for moths and larvae. Closets and drawers can become breeding grounds for mold, moths and other critters, but there are things you can do to have a wardrobe-friendly closet that will protect your winter finery.

  • Never put anything away wet, and that includes tossing damp items into the dirty clothes hamper
  • Wet coats, jackets and pants should be hung in open air to properly air dry, or use the dryer if the fabric allows
  • A musty smell means trouble, so launder with one cup of white vinegar added to the wash cycle and thoroughly dry before putting away; musty wool needs dry cleaning to prevent mold and remove the smell
  • Put moisture grabbers in the closet to absorb excess humidity and dampness
  • To deter moths and other bugs, use aromatic cedar liners, blocks, rings or spray in closets and drawers, or herbal sachets of rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme, cloves, peppercorns, lemon, eucalyptus and ginseng for a fresh scent (DIY your own moth-repellant sachets)
  • Wipe wet shoes, boots and purses to remove moisture, dirt , salt or de-icing chemicals; periodically apply leather treatment to clean and preserve leather products
  • Use dust covers and breathable garment bags to protect your clothes in the closet

Four: Install a custom closet organization system

A custom closet organization system from Tailored Living will be tailor-made for your specific wardrobe needs. We can maximize storage in a reach-in or walk-in closet, capturing vertical space from floor to ceiling with innovative storage solutions for all your clothes and accessories.

For her:

  • Frosted glass doors protect and display special garments
  • Slanted shoe racks with railings hold shoes and boots
  • Tiered hanging rods accommodate short and long items
  • Shelves hold purses and hat boxes
  • Specialty hooks keep scarves ready to wear
  • Custom velvet-lined drawers keep jewelry tarnish-free

For him:

  • Bins organize folded tee shirts, socks and underwear
  • Retractable shoe racks display dress, casual and athletic shoes
  • Tiered hanging sections group shirts, pants and jackets
  • Adjustable shelves adapt to whatever he needs to store
  • Pull-out dual laundry baskets
  • Decorative hooks for extra hanging space

Take time now to get your winter wardrobe organized and easy to manage with a new custom closet organization system. You’ll never have to worry about seasonal wardrobe dysfunction again! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. They’ll help you design a closet that can take you seamlessly from season to season, all year long.

As whole home organization specialists, we can help with garage storage cabinets, home office design, entryways and mudrooms, pantry and laundry room organization and more. Our variety of styles and finishes ensure that we can match your existing décor for a consistent look throughout your home with laminates, wood stains and glazes in a range of colors from white to dark mahogany.

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