Get Your Spring Wardrobe Ready with a New Custom Closet

After a long, cold winter, you’re probably ready to lighten up and shed the heavy coats, wool scarves and layers of winter. With Spring arriving on March 20, it’s time to make that seasonal assessment of your closet and get your Spring wardrobe updated and ready to wear. According to New York Fashion Week unveilings, 2016 Spring fashion trends include:

  • Victorian-era ruffles, puffy sleeves and florals
  • Light-weight knits that drape beautifully
  • “Lingerie” styles in satins and silks
  • Fringe to add interesting movement
  • Denim in lighter weights
  • Plaids of all sizes
  • Flat mules (a.k.a. slip-ons) in extraordinary designs, dedicated to comfort
  • Large and small purses, lavishly adorned and in bold colors

Before you grab your so-last-year purse and head out the door on a buying frenzy, take the time to shop your own closet first. In fact, now is the perfect time to not only assess your wardrobe, but to declutter your closet as well. Go through your closet, piece by piece, and only keep what you actually will wear. By discarding those items you no longer want, you’ll have a base wardrobe to supplement with fresh, new pieces for a sparkling spring! Now you can go shopping, buying only the clothes and accessories you need, which will help keep both your budget and your closet under control.

Custom closet design to fit your needs

If you’ve seen many of the runway fashions for spring, you might feel a little like you’ve stumbled upon an alien planet! Admittedly, lots of what makes it to the runway would never make it into someone’s closet, and not because of the price tag. Designers take audacious liberties with style trying for a “wow” factor but often ending up with a “yikes!”  As you consider the new designer trends, align them with your own style sense and pick only those new elements that sweeten your personal fashion aura.

The same is true for your custom closet. A custom closet from Tailored Living® lets you decide exactly the features and accessories that you need to make your closet truly your own by catering to your specific needs. For example:

  • A lover of shoes (into the triple digits) would require lots of custom shoe racks to organize casual, dressy, sporty, sandals and designer boots
  • If every outfit has its own unique belt, custom belt racks will maintain that favorite accessory
  • Purses galore will need shelves or drawers for everything from Hobo bags to evening clutches
  • An extensive jewelry collection will be best preserved and protected in velvet-lined custom drawers, sectioned for rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and pins
  • Sweaters in every color of the rainbow will be easily retrievable from behind glass-inset doors in cabinets, neatly folded and stacked so you can see exactly what you have
  • A wardrobe of jeans and trousers will best be maintained with pull-out pants racks

Tailored Living professional design

Your local Tailored Living designer is an expert at maximizing your closet space and helping you achieve the perfect closet with regard to color, finish, hardware and accessories. With your spring wardrobe planned, you now know what you need to store in your closet. By planning space for long skirts and dresses, jackets and blouses, purses and other accessories, everything will have its own place and your custom closet will stay uncluttered and organized. If it’s a shared closet, customization allows for accommodating the needs of both people in the way each wants their closet space to function.

This reach-in closet in Chocolate Apple keeps everything organized and in full view for easy access with space for longer garments, shoes, hats and folded clothes in pull-out shelves.

Another reach-in with a completely different configuration of shelves and hanging rods maximizes usable space in a Caramel Apple color, accommodating a full wardrobe of shirts, jackets and pants.

This large, walk-in closet is resplendent in white with shelves, full-length cabinets, a storage island and hutches with glass-inset doors and drawers eliminating clutter forever.

As you can see, there is no end to the design possibilities. While all these options may make it hard to finally decide, with a Tailored Living designer, you don’t have to struggle to envision your closet design. Your designer can bring real-time designs to life using D’Vinci, our proprietary 3D design software. You can alter design and color until you settle on what is perfect for you.

So don’t let the advent of spring find you still digging through winter clothes to pull together an outfit. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. A new, custom closet will give you the confidence that whatever you need is right at your fingertips!

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