Give Your Pantry an Annual Refresh With These Four Tips

How pretty is your panty? Do you think it could stand a little freshening up? Such a hard-working space is often overlooked in terms of aesthetics, but there’s no reason a pantry can’t be functional and pretty. Either a walk-in, closet-style or open-shelves pantry can become a decorative asset as well as inspiration for fabulous culinary creations. You can banish chaotic “pantry dread” forever by following these four tips from Tailored Living® to refresh your pantry, restoring order, eliminating clutter and making it more inviting.


One:  Empty the pantry and do a thorough cleaning

First step is to empty the pantry of everything and clean it from top to bottom.

  • Wipe down shelves, vacuum into crevices, drawers, corners and the floor, eliminating all crumbs, spills and dirt.
  • If you have old shelf paper that’s sticky to the touch, replace it.
  • Give a fresh coat of paint to shelves and walls, or put up washable wallpaper to wake up the space.
  • Add decorative edging to the shelves and paint the trim to match or use a contrasting color for a little drama.
  • Install stick-on touch lights for additional lighting to illuminate shelves without having to deal with electricity or wiring.

Two:  Purge old food items and toss appliances you never use

Before putting anything back into the pantry, evaluate all the contents. You want to fill your pantry with the tools and foods you need and use every day. Purge any items you really don’t need or that are broken. As you purge and sort, make a shopping list of what you need to replace, and add the new fondue pot that you did not get for Christmas, just for you.

  • Maybe the camping canteens and metal dishes on the top shelf can move to the garage?
  • Are there appliances like a 10-year-old waffle iron, or do you have three different juicers?
  • Unsealed packages with stale contents and dented cans should be tossed.
  • Check expiration dates on everything, including spices, and throw away expired foodstuffs as well as any items you know your family will never, ever eat.


Three:  Organize by category for efficiency

Now, take a moment to consider exactly what you need to store. By categorizing your supplies, you’ll be better able to maintain pantry inventory and have within easy reach all the things you actually use on a daily basis.

  • A baking section can contain everything from flour to chocolate chips so that when it’s time to bake, it’s all at your fingertips.
  • Keep snacks together on lower shelves so everyone can find their favorites.
  • Tailored Living custom storage racks can keep all your spices together and your favorite wines safely preserved.
  • Create separate sections for water, juices and sodas, canned goods, boxed mixes, paper products, and pet food.

Four:  Use creative containers to restore order

This is the fun part and where lots of “pretty” can kick in. Since pantry items range in size from tiny spice bottles to 50-pound bags of dog food, you can see that containers are important to keep all the

shelves, drawers and cabinets organized. Many foods come in bags and boxes that, once opened, lose their freshness seal so alternative storage is important.


  • Airtight glass jars and plastic storage containers like Tupperware or Rubbermaid can preserve and display everything.
  • Matching containers and labels will make any pantry look pretty and organized.
  • Stacking containers can maximum storage, providing two or three levels on a shelf.
  • Baskets and bins are great for keeping like items together, such as bags of chips or cereal, and they can control the clutter smaller items can create.
  • For deep shelves, rotating lazy susans can give a 360-degree look at what you have, even way at the back.

A refreshed pantry now will make your whole year a little brighter and mealtimes so much easier! But if you discover that your pantry needs a complete overhaul rather than just a refresh, Tailored Living is happy to help. Our whole home organization specialists can evaluate your needs and design the perfect custom pantry for your space. Floor-to-ceiling shelves, cabinets, countertops and drawers will conveniently—and beautifully—organize everything you have to store.

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We can transform every area of your home from chaos to calm with custom closet systems, home office design, Murphy Beds, laundry room organization, mudroom storage, garage cabinets, custom garage flooring and more.