Home Organization Solutions for the Property Brothers at Home

When home improvement experts need home renovation who do they call? Other experts, of course. That’s why Tailored Living® became the home organization specialist of choice for the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, when they decided to renovate their own 5,400 sq. ft. home in Las Vegas. Tailored Living provided custom garage cabinets and garage flooring for both a two-car and a three-car garage, as well as closet organization systems for the brothers’ mega-renovation of their Vegas home.

Doing a home renovation turned the tables on Jonathan and Drew who are usually walking other people through the mine field of home makeovers. This time they are on the hot seat, weighing desired home renovations against time and budget constraints in order to get their own dream house. If you're looking to buy or build your dream house in the very near future, you'll want to get in touch with custom home builders such as Lida Homes or others.

Jonathan and Drew actually spend most of their time traveling with the heavy filming schedule for their three popular TV shows, Property Brothers, Buying and Selling and Brother vs. Brother, and have minimal time at home. But when they do have down time, they want a “family home” where they can entertain and relax with family and friends. They love the desert heat, so each sold an individual home and together they purchased this Mediterranean-style “fixer-upper” just outside of Vegas so they could turn it into their ultimate destination home.

Defining Useful Living Space
While loaded with potential, they described the house as “outdated décor, empty and blank with a barren backyard.” Like an artist with a blank canvas, Jonathan went to work defining useful living spaces in Episode One.

Living Room:

  • The huge living room is the hub of the house and to integrate it with the backyard, one entire wall was removed and replaced with a 22’ accordion wall of glass panels to provide access to the backyard pool area and scenic mountain views.
  • Additionally, creating a floor-to-ceiling feature wall with a fireplace, 80” TV screen and shelves to display art and collected treasures gave the room an inside focal point. A full suit of armor (custom fitted to Drew) and a collection of medieval weapons are a truly unique exhibit! The wall was designed to be “as much a piece of art as what it will display,” says Jonathan.


  • The outdated kitchen generated conflict when Drew wanted to replace all the cabinets and Jonathan only wanted to replace the cabinet doors to save money. By painting the cabinets to resemble a beautiful wood grain and putting in new crown molding, door fronts and trendy stainless steel hardware, the kitchen was elegantly and cost-effectively modernized.


  • A courtyard off Jonathan’s master bedroom had been relegated as an area for his two dogs, Gracie and Stewie. Drew took it as a personal project to convert the dog yard into a charming Paris bistro-style patio. With pavers, plants, original art work and brightly painted wrought iron furniture, he succeeded in bringing a little bit of Paris home.



As the contractor, filling garages with tools and other work implements made perfect sense to Jonathan. To Drew, the disorganization was a mess that needed sorting out. Drew took over the garage design with Tailored Livings’ Chip Tighe from Corporate, determined to build a “Garage Mahal” for Jonathan.

  • New garage doors were installed to update the curb appeal of the house.
  • In both garages, Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® installed floor-to-ceiling custom Silver Frost cabinets with Powder-Coated doors in a “Granite” finish, with stainless steel counter tops to accommodate any and all garage storage needs. Powder-coated cabinets offer the toughest finish you’ll find on wood cabinets and are moisture, chip and stain resistant.
  • PremierTrax garage floor tiles from Tailored Living completed the transformation from messy to magnificent, converting the garages into beautiful and functional work, storage and extended living spaces. The interlocking, flexible tiles are easy-clean, comfortable to walk on and tough enough for use in aircraft hangers. Johnathan called PremierTrax® “the nicest garage floor I’ve ever seen!”

Barren Backyard to Lush Tropical Resort

In Episode Two, Jonathan confesses his true passion: “My favorite spaces to do are outdoor living spaces and this has every component I could want in my yard.” That explains the over-the-top, luxurious backyard resort he designed to accommodate his family’s love of movies, fun, togetherness and gracious outdoor living.

  • Salt water infinity pool with built-in seating areas and rocking lounge chairs
  • Hot tub to accommodate 10 people
  • Pool house with full kitchen and swim-up bar
  • Fire pit and top-of-the-line barbeque that can cook 35 steaks at a time
  • 15’ drop-down movie screen that’s wind and earthquake proof for outdoor movies
  • Giant commercial-grade Splashtacular water slide, 91.66’ long and 15’ high, accessed by a wrought iron, spiral staircase

A project of this magnitude is not going to be without some surprises so, just like the families they assist on Buying and Selling, Drew and Jonathan had thorny issues to resolve.

  • Drew argued with Jonathan about needing the water slide, but Jonathan was adamant, even when they discovered they didn’t yet have city approval when the work started.
  • Then, as brothers will do, Drew aced out Jonathan for the first trip down the water slide…not fair!
  • After leveling the back yard, they realized they had to go down another 6” to 12” so the pool view from indoors would not be impacted by the built-in seating, costing additional time and money.
  • For his courtyard reno, Drew “borrowed” some of the custom pavers that Jonathan had had made for the front driveway, leaving him short of what he needed to complete it and he had to reorder, again costing time and money.
  • A severed foundation tension cable that needed repair before proceeding with installing the wall of glass panels generated the two most common renovation questions: Jonathan, “How long with it take?” and Drew, “How much will it cost?”

Our man on the scene, Chip Tighe, spent two days on the garage makeovers working around film crews and swarms of other subcontractors. He jokes that with the garage cabinet installs he had six-foot-five Drew and Jonathan “Put in all the high stuff.” No surprise that his favorite elements of the renovation are the beautiful garages, but he does admit that the backyard resort area is really great.

You can see the remaining two HGTV reveal episodes of Property Brothers at Home on Wednesdays, December 10th and 17th. These episodes reveal the Fun Zone and the new guest house, specially designed for when the parents visit from Canada. Check your local listings for times in your area, or go online for more information.

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