How To Be More Organized … And Love Doing It

How To Be More Organized … And Love Doing It

How do you feel about organization? For it or against it? Some people view organization as a negative, imposing controls and limits. Others immediately jump to OCD level (obsessive compulsive disorder), assuming one must be a perfectionist or a neat freak to be organized. In truth, organized actually means orderly and efficient, and organization can be the driving force to keeping you in control of your environment, resulting in more relaxed and stress-free living.

  • Know where those car keys are at all times
  • Eliminate late charges for misplaced bills
  • No more lost ATM or credit card

TL-12-2-P (2).jpgThere’s no denying that a custom, organized closet is an exquisite thing of beauty

There are definite advantages to living organized, and Tailored Living® has some tips that can ease you into organization without any pain at all!

Start the night before for an organized day

One way to ensure an organized day is by planning ahead. Before lights out, check your calendar—on your phone, iPad, or a paper appointment book—to see what is on for the next day so there are no surprises. You’d be amazed at the things you can do in advance to make sure all those tomorrows go more smoothly, and you’ll sleep better knowing you’re on top of things:

  • Get cash at the ATM and fill the car with gas or plug in the electric.
  • Recharge your phone if it has low battery, have a charger in the car.
  • Select your outfit for the next day, including shoes and accessories.
  • Assemble whatever you need for meetings, work, a birthday party, or social event (locating the card and wrapping a present in the morning is guaranteed to set you back big time!)
  • Put purse, briefcase, car keys, phone and all else together in the entryway or other exit point.
  • Pack lunches in advance and have the kids round up their backpacks.
  • Note: If you don’t calendar your activities and appointments, start doing it!

All these tasks left to a busy morning can add up to an inordinate amount of time and stress, especially if they make you run late and you try to redeem the time with “catch-up” driving and get a speeding ticket!

TL-12-2-S (1).jpgYou can literally pay a price for being disorganized and it will spoil your whole day!

Morning routines go hand in hand with organization

Mornings consist of routines, and it’s not uncommon to be up at least 15 minutes before you’re awake! A shower or that first cup of coffee signals total consciousness for many people, so being organized helps morning routines unfold effortlessly. Stay on track and on time, backed by the helpful organization:

  • The alarm is set so that you have enough time for all those morning routines.
  • Showering and getting dressed are seamless since all shampoos, lotions, hair gels and makeup essentials are available. (Hint, hint…)
  • A closet organization system helps you dress better and faster when you can see what’s in the closet and you know exactly where each garment or accessory is.
  • Pets will demand their own morning routine of feeding, walking, or going outside so have that leash or treats handy.
  • Have breakfast essentials on hand or build into your routine the time necessary to swing by your favorite coffee house.
  • With everything you need to assemble the night before, you don’t lose time looking for keys, cell phone, or change in the couch cushions; you just scoop it all up and you’re out the door!

TL-12-2-3.jpgThe entire family will benefit from a custom entryway designed for everyone’s specific storage needs

Evenings are better with a little organization

An especially enjoyable perk to being organized is coming home to a serene environment at the end of the day. Clutter and chaos are not inevitable and instituting organizational habits for every day keeps all of life from becoming messy.

  • Have designated places to deposit keys, purse, coats, books, and such in the entryway, a home office, or bedroom. As other family members do the same, your home stays tidy.
  • A well-stocked pantry with labeled shelves and organized contents makes dinner preparation quick and easy.
  • The empty dishwasher (a.k.a., the dishes have been put away) makes after-dinner cleanup quick since dishes can go directly into the dishwasher.
  • Everyone can relax and enjoy unwinding in an uncluttered family room that stays organized with a custom entertainment center to keep all remotes, books, movies, and games neatly stored.
  • Before bed, go through the nightly checklist at the beginning to be better prepared for the next morning.

TL-12-2-4 (1).jpgCustom storage solutions like cabinets make organization possible for every room of your home

Lifestyle organization lets you roll with the punches

Not every day goes as planned, no matter how organized you are. Meetings cancel, problems arise, family issues come up, and any one of these can send a day into turmoil. An organized lifestyle can often save the day by having what you need when and where you need it:

  • Keep current car registration and insurance verification in the glove box.
  • Same for dry cleaning claim checks or lottery tickets; keep them in the car so they’re handy, not stuck to the refrigerator.
  • Medical insurance cards should stay with you always, just in case.
  • Have current contact information in your phone for the important people in your life, including doctors, kids’ friends, school office, associates, babysitter, etc.
  • Having some cash on hand eliminates using cards for minor purchases like an iced latte and can be a lifesaver if your only option for refreshment while stuck in an unscheduled meeting is a vending machine.
  • Note: invest in a wallet to keep money, credit cards, medical cards, and receipts where you can find them, not jumbled at the bottom of a purse or on the floor of the car.

Organization is a healthy habit to have

Besides helping your days go more smoothly, being organized has several identifiable health benefits that are worth considering:

  • Uplift your mood and find inspiration – as you declutter your physical area, you declutter your mind.
  • Find calm – cleaning and organizing decrease stress and anxiety.
  • Increase work productivity – working at home or away, decluttering and organization let you focus and get more work done.
  • Sleep better – you rest easier knowing needed tasks are done or at least under control.
  • Help reach fitness goals – charting goals and progress help you stick to exercise or healthier eating.

TL-12-2-5 (1).jpgA custom garage storage system and an easy-care PremierOne® epoxy floor coating come together to eliminate all the stress in this garage

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