How To Declutter Before The Holidays So Every Room Has Guest Appeal

Along with fun and good cheer, the holidays can also bring heightened anxiety of having guests in the house. Clutter can make you uncomfortable in your own home, so you certainly don’t want guests to see! If clutter has taken hold in your entryway or you feel like you need to close the doors to bedrooms and the family room when company comes, it’s time to take control and create the welcoming, stress-free home you desire.

Custom Entryway CabinetsA custom entryway with cabinets, drawers, and hooks can turn an out-of-control entryway into a beautiful, clutter-free space to welcome guests

Tailored Living® can help you get your whole home ready for the holidays by eliminating clutter and installing custom storage solutions that work for every area of your home.

Efficient and effective decluttering

Clutter consists of things scattered about as well as rooms that just have too much stuff in them. Efficient and effective decluttering will take care of both, clearing messy surfaces and freeing up open space in a room. The thought of decluttering the entire house can be overwhelming, but by following this five-step, room-by-room decluttering method from Tailored Living, you’ll spend a few days and have a completely organized and uncluttered home when you’re finished. So, pick the room that bothers you the most and start decluttering!

  • Step one: Set up bins or boxes labeled “keep and relocate elsewhere,” “donate or sell” and “trash.” With sorting boxes, you won’t be running around and getting distracted from the task at hand, which is that one room. When that room is complete, deal with each box by putting away the things that go elsewhere, moving the sell/donate items to the garage for later disbursement, and dumping the trash box.
  • Step two: Remove everything that does not contribute to your ideal vison for that room. Move out any excess furniture as well as rugs, pole lamps, curtains, pillows, plants, framed art, and anything else that’s clogging up the space and making the room feel crowded or claustrophobic.
  • Step three: Consider all the flat surfaces in the room, like countertops, tables, dressers, bookcases, and shelves. Is there any clear space or is every inch covered with random piles, knick-knacks, magazines, mail, discarded books, and toys? Fill the sorting boxes and see what a difference it makes.
  • Step four: Go into the drawers, shelves, and cabinets and sort the contents with the goal of keeping, donating/selling or tossing. This is down to the nitty-gritty of getting organized and decluttered. Wipe out drawers and cabinets before replacing the items that stay.
  • Step five: Do a final clean sweep—vacuum, dust, polish wood furnishings, mop hard-surface floors, and shine the windows to make the transformation of this room complete. Once the sort boxes are dealt with, you’ll have an amazingly clutter-free room to be proud of and you’ll be inspired to tackle the next room!

Enhance storage to prevent clutter returning

As you declutter, you may realize that some rooms need better storage options to keep everything you do want in the room organized. For instance, it makes perfect sense for the family room to contain electronic equipment, DVDs, games, TV blankets, and toys but, without appropriate storage, the room will continue to be cluttered. Where storage is lacking, organization will always be a challenge and clutter will return. Tailored Living can design custom storage solutions for every room in your home, so clutter is no longer a problem.

Clutter-free family closets you don’t have to hide

Bedroom Closet Custom StorageBedrooms stay neater with custom closet storage systems that organize everything and do away with clutter

Unruly closets can contribute to clutter that eventually extends throughout the house when things that belong in the closets are not put away. Every closet, whether large or small, walk-in or reach-in, and even shared, can become super-efficient with a custom closet organization system that captures all available space. Tiered hanging rods, cabinets, drawers, shoe racks, and shelves work together to maintain clothes, shoes, and accessories in perfect order, designed to please each user’s style preference.

A laundry room to boast about

Organized Laundry RoomLaundry day won’t be such a chore with an efficient space that organizes and facilitates every task

No need to shut the door on this laundry room! Custom cabinetry and shelves around your appliances creates lots of storage space for an organized laundry room that is functional and beautiful. Clutter is eliminated with cabinets for supplies, countertops for folding and stacking, pullout hampers to hide dirty clothes, and hanging space that makes doing the laundry easier and more pleasant all year long.

Have a “coffee chat” company-ready kitchen

Organized PantryWith an organized pantry, you won’t be embarrassed if your mother-in-law sticks her head in for a quick peek or offers to help with dinner

Kitchens and pantries are daily-use areas that tend to feed off each other’s clutter. Maximize your space with a custom designed pantry that expands storage capability so that all the groceries and even those small appliances that clutter up the kitchen countertops can be stored out of sight. Everything you need to store is organized and easy to find with adjustable shelves, drawers, pullout baskets or bins, and specialty accessories like wine and spice racks.

Find your acceptable level of clutter

Custom Storage CabinetsCreate the look you want in every room with custom storage cabinets for a grand display or hidden treasures

Not everyone has the same opinion of what constitutes clutter or, especially, what is too much clutter. For some, only cleared surfaces are acceptable, while others enjoy visual access to all their favorite things. Enclosed cabinets can hide items from sight for minimalist appeal while open shelves let you continually enjoy your collectables. Tailored Living’s custom cabinetry lets you design the ideal home storage solutions for every area of your home with styles, finishes, and colors to match your décor and your allowable clutter quotient.

Eliminate non-essentials for an uncluttered life

By decluttering and gaining control of clutter hot spots, you’ll be able to enjoy more stress-free days and a worry-free holiday season with family and friends. Go online to to find a designer near you or call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation to discuss any storage or organization needs you have in your home.

If you have holiday safety-related questions as you’re making holiday plans, check out CDC Coronavirus Guidelines for Holiday Celebrations.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.