How to Design the Perfect Home Office

Home office designs take many forms, from one shelf in the kitchen for a computer, to a full room of corporate boardroom grandeur. Working from home can be incredibly helpful to you and your business. For starters, there is something great about not having to rush in the morning, another thing that is also great is that you could switch to business energy to help save you some money on your utility bills. For more information why not check out something like Simply Switch to show you how much more you could save. Obviously though, you don't just want to focus on your bills, you want to have a nice office to work in. Those disparities in design can often spark online debate about what is or is not “officially” a home office:

  • Where are the file cabinets?
  • Without a computer or printer is it really an office?
  • Is the desk large enough to actually accomplish any work?
  • Where is all the work paraphernalia—paper, pens, supplies?
  • No self-respecting home office has a day bed!

And on it goes. It is true--what is one man’s (or woman’s) home office may only be another man’s cubby. It’s also true that home office ideas you see online are just that…ideas. Ideas to help jump-start your creative juices since nothing you see online could just plop right into your home and work perfectly.

For example, there are some Ideal Workstation Systems for your Office from that just look amazing, and are small enough to fit into your home office.

Your local Tailored Living® professional designer can assist with designing a custom home office for you, based on your individual tastes, needs and budget. Using our exclusive D’VinciTM 3D design software, you’ll be able to see how your home office will look, eliminating guesswork and any apprehension about the finished project.

Finding your family home office

In a busy family household, it’s not unusual for space to serve dual purposes. The guest room is also a crafts or sewing room. The media/family room is also a guest room.  The dining room table converts to homework central after dinner, and so on. Without proper planning, home office space can become cluttered and ineffective, or completely overlooked. And for someone who works from home, dedicated work space is necessary for maximum productivity.

If you’ve never considered creating a home office in your home because you think you lack the space, doubling up on use is just one way to capture surprising space for a home office.

  • If it’s “no TV until the homework is done,” the family or media room could offer up space for an office/homework station for those no-TV hours
  • A guest room could be converted to a full-time home office with a Murphy Bed disguised as a beautiful cabinet, and revert back to a guest room when company comes
  • Keep the guest room intact, but turn the room’s closet into a small home office
  • The unused space under the stairs could become a very useful home office
  • Attic or basement space could accommodate a comfortable home office
  • You could even just get yourself a computer desk with storage so that everything can hide away once you are finished!

Once you determine where your home office could be, the real fun begins!

D’Vinci brings it to life

With Tailored Living’s proprietary 3D design software, you’ll be able to see much more than a space graph. With D’Vinci, exact measurements are programmed in, along with cabinet colors and finishes so you’ll be able to see how every cabinet, countertop, shelf and drawer will look in a 3D rendering. With your designer, you can swap out finishes, hardware and cabinet configurations until you have the perfect home office for you.

With D’Vinci you can experiment with all the variables of a home office design:

  • Single or multiple workstations within the office space
  • Cabinets with open shelving, enclosed storage, or both
  • Determine placement of computers, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Make accommodation to hide cords
  • Design desk placement around windows for natural light
  • Incorporate drawers for added convenience
  • Create a “kid’s corner” homework station with storage for school supplies
  • Build in that Murphy Bed so you can still have guest room availability
  • Efficiently use all space with tall vertical storage, including space for decorative touches
  • See the finish color “live” so you’ll know whether you can happily live with it

Don’t put off having a beautiful, custom home office that can make your life easier and more organized! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. Armed with samples, design guides and D’Vinci 3D design software, they’ll help you create the ideal home office for your needs, making you as happy as this homeowner:

We hired Tailored Living to design and install shelves and cabinets in our bedroom, as well as a new office space--with a desk, bookshelves, file cabinets, and lighting. Living in a condo, we needed help maximizing our living and storage space. They provided creative and interesting designs, and were able to show us on the computer what it would look like. We are already thinking about our next project with Tailored Living!” --J.E. Ontario Canada

Also talk to your Tailored Living designer about any other home or garage organization and storage needs you have, including custom closets, entertainment center, entry way, laundry room and more. With D’Vinci, you’ll be able to see exactly how all your new, organized spaces will look.