How To Have Your Dream Winter Closet

If cold weather has snuck up on you and you’re not ready to brave the chilly temperatures in style, getting your closet in shape for winter is a must! Tailored Living® is ready to help you have your dream closet with tips for building out a perfect winter wardrobe, and then organizing clothes, shoes, and accessories with a custom closet organization system, so you’ll always be appropriately dressed for any holiday occasion.

custom-organized-closet.jpgDare to dream your perfect closet filled with everything you love to wear

The goal: a fabulous, versatile winter wardrobe

Think about what you actually need for work, for casual, for dressy and see what you already have in the closet that works with your lifestyle. Are you in an office 40 hours a week or do you need just one really fabulous sweater for Zoom meetings? Are you a jeans-24/7 girl? Do you need a little more bling for evening? Pull together some outfits to see where there are gaps, like a warm evening wrap or sparkly heels, and start a “needs” list (truly, write it down). The foundation of a fabulous winter wardrobe is interchangeable, quality pieces that can be both casual and dressy, dependent upon accessories. So:

  • Do you need more cold-weather office attire?
  • Are you lacking casual weekend wear (that can leave the house)?
  • Do you have coat styles for casual, rainy days, and dress up events?
  • What about footwear for all weather -- rain, snow and cold -- both casual and dressy.
  • Invest in a perfectly-fitting little black dress that dresses up or down.
  • Include one great pair of dark jeans that can go anywhere -- no fades, no holes, no frayed hems.

versatile-winter-wardrobe.jpgBuild a versatile winter wardrobe on signature pieces that can take you anywhere

The work: purging non-essentials

There’s no way to have a dream closet unless you remove everything that doesn’t belong there. Only when the excess and clutter are gone can you begin to dream of a closet filled with in-season clothes and accessories that you love to wear. In two steps, you’ll have your closet cleared so getting dressed is quick and easy, with a happy result every time!

Step One:  Remove out-of-season clothes. Fill a box or make a pile that you’ll sort through later, asking the same questions outlined below before storing them away until warmer weather. With a large walk-in closet that accommodates a year-round wardrobe, you may only have to relegate warm weather clothes to the back of the closet in garment bags, or to storage boxes on top shelves. Just be sure all clothing is clean and dry before you store it away or it may not be usable when you retrieve it. Moisture is the number one enemy of storage, dampness can cause mildew, and dirty clothes are an irresistible invitation to bugs.

storage-off-season-clothing.jpgSafely store off-season clothing and accessories so they’ll be in wearable condition when their season rolls around

Step Two: Collect all your cold-weather clothes—from closets, dresser drawers and storage—and try on every item, including coats, shoes and boots. Evaluate each piece by asking these questions:

  • Is it wearable? (not worn out, faded or torn)
  • Does it fit? (too tight, too short, too big)
  • Do I ever wear it, or do I even like it?
  • Does the color look good on me?
  • Is it comfortable to wear? (itchy, scratchy or pulls)
  • Does it project the image I want?

Create a “yes” pile, a “no” pile, and a “needs replace” pile. The yes’s will go back into the closet and the no’s should be donated to your favorite charity, sold on consignment or eBay, or thrown away. The “needs replace” items should be added to the fill-in-the-gaps wardrobe list you started. Don’t panic if this purge leaves you with an alarmingly downsized closet, and don’t restock with all the marginal clothes you hang on to for various and wrong reasons like, “It was so expensive I have to keep it.”

The fun: shopping to complete your winter wardrobe

Purging your closet doesn’t mean that that’s all you get to wear this winter; it’s just the beginning! It merely clears the way for you to upgrade to the fabulous, versatile wardrobe that makes you feel good every time you put something on. Now, the fun begins. You’re going shopping for those items on your list to replace essentials that have worn out because you loved them so much and for new things to complete your wardrobe plan.

shop-smart-in-style.jpgShop smart and you’ll be ready to step out in style for work, play, parties, and special events

By sticking to your shopping list, you won’t get sidetracked by sales or whims and end up with more things you’ll have to purge at some future time. Take a friend along to keep you accountable and challenge her to do a winter wardrobe purge too. Shop intentionally for clothes that you love and will wear again and again. It may take some time to find just the right pieces, but it’s worth the effort. When everything in your closet fits, it makes every aspect of fashion easier: less closet space, less laundry, less money spent on frivolous purchases, and less time trying to put together an outfit every morning.

Your dream winter closet

Now that you have your winter wardrobe complete, you need a custom closet to beautifully organize and showcase it. Tailored Living can maximize all your space and safely store all your clothes and accessories, creating the perfect closet for your needs. With floor-to-ceiling cabinets, drawers, shelves, and specialty closet accessories for belts, scarves, jewelry, and more, every item in your closet will have a place, keeping your closet clutter-free and user-friendly in any season.

custom-walk-in-closet-design.jpgCustom closet design will let you go effortlessly from season to season with easy access to everything in your wardrobe

Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation and see how amazing your closet can be! Face to face or in a virtual consultation we can evaluate your space, get accurate measurements, and design your dream closet with our 3D design software so you can see how exactly how it will look. Then, we’ll schedule the installation when the time is right for you.

If you want to know how to maintain all those fun winter clothes and accessories, check out our comprehensive guide, How To Care For Your Winter Wardrobe.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations