How To Maximize Your Home’s Storage Capabilities

If there’s anything more exasperating than not having storage space, it’s having storage space that really doesn’t work for you. Are you struggling with any of these classic household storage faux pas?

  • Awkward corner cabinets (kitchens are famous for this)
  • Under-sink spaces that fight with plumbing fixtures (kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Deep, dark cabinets and cabinets too high to access without nose-bleed ladders
  • Funky nooks and crannies that take up space but serve no useful purpose

Pullout Custom Organization AccessoriesPullout and pulldown custom organization accessories can transform awkward spaces into easily accessible and highly functional storage

If you need some assistance making sense of senseless storage space, Tailored Living® can help. With custom cabinetry, accessories, and some easy storage hacks, you’ll get maximum storage from all your space, making it easy to stay organized throughout your home and garage. Here are some practical ideas that can make all your storage space usable as well as help you find more.

Make storage space come to you

Hard-to-reach space is both tantalizing and frustrating. You imagine using it … but can’t quite get there! Custom solutions from Tailored Living can actually bring the space to you. In kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, and garages, you can convert inaccessible space into helpful storage for the things you use every day.

Tackle deep space

Deep recessed cabinets can become very user-friendly with custom pullout shelves and drawers. Difficult floor-level storage space becomes ideal for pans, baking dishes, and small appliances with every bit of cabinet space now usable. Where there are obstacles, like plumbing fixtures or support beams, custom drawers can be configured to work around them while still providing maximum storage capacity. Turntables are another solution for hard-to-reach cabinet space, bringing a 3600 sweep of the space front and center for easy reach.

Pullout Drawers and Built-in TurntablesPullout drawers and built-in turntables make organization easy when you can use all the space you have

Reach new heights

Maximizing vertical storage space can sometimes result in unreachable heights unless you’re the NBA’s tallest player, seven-foot-seven-inch Gheorghe Muresan. For the rest of us, ceiling-level storage can be a challenge, but with pulldown racks for hanging and storage, all that lovely space comes down to you. This means you can have third-tier hanging rods in the closet (for out-of-season clothes?) and use all available space. In the laundry room, install a hanging rod high enough to not compete with countertop workspace and that folds up out of the way when not in use.

Pulldown Hanging RodsPulldown hanging rods can capture ceiling-level storage space in closets and laundry rooms

Capture overlooked garage storage

Floor-to-ceiling garage cabinets create lots of useful storage, but sometimes even that’snot enough. Especially in a small garage, utilizing ceiling space is a way to get even more storage out of your garage and automated storage racks bring that storage space conveniently down to you. Overhead racks, including stationery and motorized, are ideal for seldom-used or seasonal items and large or bulky things like camping equipment, golf bags, and skis, freeing up floor space and eliminating tripping hazards in the garage.

Motorized Garage StorageCapture ceiling storage space in the garage with motorized storage that lowers at the touch of a button

Utilize wall space with creative storage options

Wall space can offer up opportunities for creative storage for both narrow and small areas. Where cabinets or furniture may not be practical, any wall area can become useful storage with the right storage accessories. Small spaces can be transformed with floating shelves, decorative hooks, and Slatwall panels, customized to exactly the space you have in any room where more storage is needed. Varying your storage solutions in small spaces allows you to make the most of every inch, such as combining shelves and hooks for entryway enhancement. In a closet, decorative hooks and valet rods provide additional hanging in tight spaces. Any garage can be big on storage utilizing slices of wall space next to an appliance or in a corner, as well as a whole wall with Slatwall panels for tools and sports equipment organization.

Custom Wall StorageA blank wall is an invitation to functional storage when you choose the right solution

Create storage space where there is none

Enhancing existing storage space is just one element of maximizing your home’s storage capabilities. Creating storage space where there was none can turn the end of a hallway, under-stairs, an awkward corner, or an inconvenient window into very efficient storage with custom built-in cabinets. Create linen closets, pantries, bookcases, desks, window seats, and storage for laundry, craft, or sewing room. By going up and capturing floor-to-ceiling space with custom cabinets, a very small footprint will provide surprising functionality. Tailored Living can create cabinetry that perfectly matches your décor with multiple colors and finishes, decorative hardware, glass inset doors, and crown molding so your new addition looks like it truly belongs.

Custom Built-in StorageCustom built-ins maximize every area of your home with beautiful, convenient storage

Live beautifully organized

As whole home organization specialists, your local Tailored Living designer can help you with enhancing every area of your home with innovative storage and organization solutions for the way you live. Maybe you need to carve out space for a pantry or convert the garage into living space, so the family has more degrees of separation to relax and entertain themselves. With school starting soon, it’s the ideal time to evaluate the kids’ bedrooms and see if custom closet systems or built-in desks and shelves would help to make the new school year an easier experience for everyone.

Go online to to find a designer near you or call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation. Virtual design consultations deliver the same personal touch as face to face, evaluating your needs and creating a 3D image of your project so you’ll know exactly what it will look like. On approval, we’ll order and schedule installation for when the time is right. We’re ready to assist with closet storage systems, entertainment centers, pantries, laundry rooms, entryways, home offices, Murphy Beds, and custom garage cabinets and flooring.  Scroll through our online Design Guide and just imagine what we can do for you!

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