Invest Your Tax Refund In Whole Home Organization Solutions That Make Life Easier

Every year, new tax laws make it difficult to predict if and how much of a tax refund you may receive. Yet every April 15, about 60% of Americans qualify for a tax refund (also known as getting your own money back) and play the game of how to best spend or invest those “windfall” dollars.

While fantasy vacations, boats, and jewels may dance in their heads, most people end up using their tax refunds in ways to enrich and enhance their lives.

  • Beef up the savings account
  • Pay down debt
  • Investments, including retirement accounts
  • Major purchases (okay, this is sort of a gray area…)
  • One modest splurge, a trip or special treat
  • Home improvement projects

An investment in your home pays dividends

By investing in your home, you increase its real value and the everyday functionality and enjoyment for the entire family.  What are the areas in your home where, “I wish …” has come into play?

  • Closet organizers to keep the family organized
  • A kitchen pantry fit for a master chef
  • A functional entryway that controls clutter
  • An organized garage

Tailored Living® can shorten that Wish List and have you living happier in your home with whole home storage and organization solutions that will enhance your lifestyle with more stress-free living. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you invested well.

Eliminate closet clutter forever

Closet mess and confusion can be banished with closet organization systems geared to each user, personalized for child or adult, for walk-in, reach-in or shared closets. Having complete wardrobes organized and displayed will make getting dressed an easier prospect for everyone and you can say goodbye to the “I have nothing to wear” lament.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximize every inch of closet storage space
  • Enclosed cabinets and drawers minimize and hide clutter
  • Tiered hanging rods multiply hanging space
  • Shoe racks with adjustable shelves and rail guards safely display shoes and boots
  • Closet shelves with shelf dividers keep folded items neat and organized
  • Specialty racks for ties, belts, and scarves keep accessories ready to wear
  • Integrate pull-out laundry bins to eliminate clothes tossed on the floor

Customize the pantry for maximum function

For those who cook, an organized and user-friendly pantry is more than a mere wish, it’s a necessity. When it’s time to prepare family meals, entertain guests, assemble the kids’ lunches, or make out the grocery list, being able to see exactly what you have will make every task easier. Custom design features will upgrade your pantry with efficiency and function no matter its size.

  • Adjustable shelves effortlessly accommodate big or small items, including appliances, cookbooks, and bulk purchases
  • Custom wine racks and spice racks keep specialty items front and center instead of pushed to the back of the shelves
  • Shelves and cabinets from floor to ceiling maximize storage space enabling everything to be visible
  • Specify sections for canned goods, baking essentials, cereal, pastas, etc.
  • Pull-out drawers and bins make it easy to put newest purchases to the back, moving older items to the front so they are used first
  • Keep snacks and drinks on low-level shelves so family members can help themselves

Design a welcoming, clutter-free entryway

Entryways can be anything from a threshold stepping directly into the living room to an echoing foyer with a staircase. But regardless of size, they can quickly get out of control. Every time someone enters, something will get deposited either by the door or dropped further on in the house. A combination of enclosed cabinets, shelves, drawers, benches and decorative hooks can turn your entryway into highly-functional and clutter-free space that is welcoming to family and friends.

  • Custom cabinets ensure space for coats, hats, boots, backpacks, briefcases, and bags
  • Drawers, bins and cabinets eliminate clutter by keeping small items contained
  • Individual hooks and cubbies allow each person to manage their own things
  • Decorative hooks at high and low levels accommodate kids and adults
  • A storage bench can provide seating, a place to set down packages, and additional storage
  • Sports equipment can “disappear” into cabinets or storage bench instead of littering the floor
  • A “pet bin” for leashes, treats, and disposal bags keeps everything handy for walking the dog

A purposeful garage will change your life

If your garage doesn’t contribute functionality to your home, a garage update may be the perfect candidate for “tax relief.” A custom garage design from Tailored Living® will transform your garage from the floor up, converting all that underused space into valuable storage and living space. Unlike one-size-fits-all big box shelving systems, a customized garage storage system is designed to perfectly fit the space you have in colors, styles and finishes to complement your home. And our industry-tough garage flooring will be the last floor you ever have to buy.

  • Custom garage cabinets combine with upper and lower cabinets and drawers to capture storage around windows, doors and appliances
  • Cabinets can be built around the water heater and control panels, so they are hidden from sight
  • Securely wall-mounted cabinets allow for easy cleaning underneath
  • Upgrade to soft-close hinges and locks for doors and drawers, making the garage safer
  • Heavy-duty adjustable shelves in the cabinets or as open shelving accommodate big and tall items, small items, and bins or boxes
  • Upgrade the laundry area with cabinets and shelves around the washer and dryer for full-service functionality
  • Slatwall panels can convert entire walls to hanging storage, or as an inset over a workbench to keep tools handy
  • The final finish is a durable garage floor, either a PremierOne® epoxy floor coating or PremierTrax flexible, interlocking floor tiles

Investing your tax refund in your home is a smart move and will pay dividends in the years of enjoyment you’ll get from creating the home you’ve always wished for. Tailored Living’s whole home design specialists can help you maximize all the space in your home, creating storage where you would never think possible. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We are the experts with custom closet systems, home office designs, laundry room storage, pantry organization, entryways, craft rooms, guest rooms, Murphy Beds, garage storage and custom garage flooring.