Laundry Room Solutions For Busy People

There never seems to be a perfect time to do the laundry. It’s not even remotely fun, it takes more time than it should, and it requires participation to do it right (no wet clothes left in the washer). When a busy life keeps pulling you in all directions, it can be difficult to not only find time to do the laundry, but to do it over and over again which is the unrelenting nature of laundry:

  • The REAL never-ending story. --Unknown
  • Having an empty laundry basket is the best five seconds of the week! --Unknown
  • Laundry today or naked tomorrow. –Unknown, but undoubtedly a college student


Unless you are royalty or wealthy enough to live like royalty who have people to do their laundry, you need to figure out how to make laundry less of a chore and more integrated with your busy world. Tailored Living® can help maximize your time and energy with some organization tips to make your existing laundry room more efficient or take the step to a solutions-based laundry room design that fits your unique lifestyle.

Time-saving laundry room organization ideas

One of the best ways to make any project go smoothly (laundry is definitely a project) is to have everything you need available before you start. For doing laundry, that means:

  • The dirty laundry collected
  • Laundry products you actually use and like
  • Washing aids like mesh lingerie bags and sock locks
  • Hangers and racks, so nothing gets piled up and wrinkled
  • An iron (yes, people do still iron)

An efficient laundry room will provide the space and amenities you need to power through doing the laundry. If your laundry room is chaotic and more of a hindrance than a help, here are some tips for making your laundry room more efficient and organized.


  • Have an unobstructed washer and dryer, not buried under laundry and random piles of stuff.
  • Free-standing hampers can contain and organize dirty clothes in the laundry room where you need them to be, whether one per family member or enough for general pre-sorting of whites, colors, delicates, extra-dirty items like sports uniforms or work clothes, dry cleaning, and pet blankets.
  • If you’re short on countertop workspace for sorting, folding and stacking, adopt a folding table you can hide away when not in use.
  • Store all laundry products like soap, fabric softener, wool dryer balls, stain removers, bleach, and laundry aids in the laundry area where you use them.
  • Have racks and hangers for hanging clothes right out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles, or to hang dry non-dryer items.
  • Post a “how-to” chart showing settings and temperatures for different fabrics and colors as well as how to properly use the machines if everyone does laundry.
  • Have a wastebasket for lint, used dyer sheets, and surprises like gum wrappers and wadded tissues.
  • A basket for pocket contents will make it simple for everyone to retrieve pens, hair clips, keys or anything else left behind.

A custom laundry room could change your life

If your biggest problem is a non-existent laundry room or one that needs a complete overhaul, Tailored Living can help with innovative storage and organization solutions that will keep you in control no matter how much laundry you have! Utilizing all available space will transform your laundry room into efficient and fabulous, including a garage laundry area or an uninspiring in-home laundry room.

  • Upper cabinets capture vertical space for abundant storage so everything you need is close at hand but safely out of sight and reach by small children and curious pets.
  • Lower cabinets can enclose pullout laundry baskets to prevent visible piles of dirty laundry on the floor.
  • An integrated laundry sink lets you manage handwashing, presoaking, and stain removal right in the laundry room, eliminating running and dripping room to room.
  • Countertops provide comfortable space for sorting, folding, and stacking clean laundry.
  • Stationary hanging rods will keep clothes wrinkle-free until they transfer to the closets.
  • Retractable valet rods pull out for extra hanging space and retract when not in use.
  • A built-in, pull-down ironing board allows quick touch-up for hems, cuffs, and collars.
  • Pullout shelves can make deep cabinets accessible and useful for storage all the way to the back.
  • If cabinets are too bulky for your space, floating shelves can provide convenient storage in small or tight spaces.

Develop a laundry plan that works for you

There is no “one way” to handle the task of laundry for a busy family. Ideally, your laundry system ensures that laundry is done so that family members can get through each day having what they need for work, school, and play.

Some families have a scheduled laundry day when everything for the week gets washed.

  • Mom does all the sorting and washing but family members are responsible to drop off dirty laundry in the laundry room if they want it washed.
  • Clean clothes remain in the laundry room and each person retrieves and puts away their clean laundry.
  • Mom (or designated person) does all collecting, laundering, and returning to bedrooms and closets.

Other households do loads of laundry randomly, sort of “every man for himself.”

  • Each person does their own laundry, start to finish.
  • Can create problems if two or more try to claim the washer and dryer at the same time.
  • Kids doing laundry require adult supervision until the learning curve kicks in.

And some don’t do laundry until there is nothing clean to wear (really, not a plan at all).

  • Guaranteed to cause unnecessary stress.
  • Compounds the problem of laundry by making it a ten-load marathon instead of one or two loads on a regular basis.
  • Can force the question that has no good answer, “Is this too dirty to wear?”

The answer to any laundry day challenge

Tailored Living is happy to help make doing the laundry a mere task instead of a chore with a custom laundry room design that meets the needs of your family. An organized and customized laundry room can eliminate laundry stress from your busy life, with the possible exception of this situation: “Based on the amount of laundry I do each week I am going to assume there are people living here that I have not yet met.”

Don’t let laundry be a burden and steal your peace of mind. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. A whole-home organization specialist from Tailored Living can evaluate your needs and help design the perfect laundry room for you. We can also restore order and eliminate clutter in others area of your home with custom closet systems, home office design, pantry organization, Murphy Beds, entryway storage, garage cabinets, and custom garage flooring. All you have to do is ask!