Make the Most of Daylight Saving Time With Family Activities

Daylight Saving Time (DST) was instituted as an energy-saving measure during WWI, extending daylight for an hour and reducing the demand for electricity. Whether or not there is a valid reason to keep DST is a controversial topic, with advocates for and against adamant in their positions that it’s good or it’s bad. For most people, the March 12 start of DST will mean:

On the plus side, Daylight Saving Time gives everyone one more hour of sunshine

  • A few days or weeks of confused sleep (sort of like jet-lag)
  • Trouble getting up in the morning
  • A morning run for strong coffee at the local Starbucks
  • Dozing off at work or school
  • Kids resisting normal bedtime
  • Hunger and mealtimes not coinciding for children and pets
  • More daylight at the end of the day for outdoor activities

It’s true that the start of Daylight Saving Time can upset schedules, but why not take advantage of the extended daylight for fun activities with your family and friends? Tailored Living® has some suggestions for rolling with the time change that will help your family all year long, whether it’s Spring Forward now or Fall Back in November.

Define the entertainment areas of your home

Where does everyone like to hang out at your house? Dad may have his Man Cave for personal time and mom her She Shed or crafts room, but when it comes to family time the most common areas for congregating include the TV room, kitchen, outside patio or pool and the garage. Maximizing any of these areas for fellowship and fun with innovative storage and organization solutions could prove to be the best idea yet for utilizing the extra daylight hours. Getting the whole family motivated and expending energy during that extended daylight hour will also help them all sleep better and adjust faster to the time change.

Integrate indoor and outdoor living

Unify your kitchen and outside patio or pool deck so there’s a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. Have enough tables and chairs for everyone, including benches and chaise lounges, to encourage spending time outside swimming, reading, chatting, playing games or having dinner. Use colorful outdoor cushions and shade umbrellas that match your inside décor for a comfortable, delightfully coordinated atmosphere. A custom pantry can have space designated for snacks, drinks and plastic or unbreakable picnic dishes and serving pieces that effortlessly move out to the patio area for adult entertaining or the kids having friends over. No worries about broken glass or losing your silverware and the kids can serve themselves without having to ask for help.

Designate space in the pantry for inside/outside snacks and utensils so impromptu get-togethers are quick and easy

Jazz up the family room

Family and TV rooms can become so cluttered and disorganized that spending time there is not as much fun as it should be. Install organizational helps such as a custom entertainment center to hold the TV, media equipment, movies, books, puzzles and games to create a relaxing, clutter-free atmosphere. A free-style custom combination of enclosed cabinets and open shelves with bins for little ones to manage their toys can help bring order out of chaos and turn the room into a pleasurable hangout. Add touches like cushy pillows, fleece blankets for everyone and special popcorn bowls to make movie nights in your “home theater” a complete success.

Make your family room fun and functional, a favorite place to be

Turn your garage into more of a fun zone

Custom garage storage and a PremierOne epoxy floor coating create a clean and durable environment to make your garage work for you.

Many garages have lots of over-looked space due to the lack of organization. If storage means neatly stacking everything on the floor, the space will fill up quickly and not leave room for much else in the garage, not even the car. To capture valuable vertical garage space, add floor-to-ceiling custom garage cabinets to safely organize all your possessions and keep them out of the way. Freed up floor space suddenly means your garage has usable space for other pursuits like a home gym, hobby center or game tables for after-dinner activities for the whole family.

If sports or lawn games are favorite pastimes, storing the equipment so it is easily accessible will ensure that it gets played with more often. Fill up that extra hour of sunlight with healthy exercise and a little friendly competition like parents vs. kids or girls vs. boys. Our Slatwall and Gridwall Racks wall hanging storage systems allow you to group equipment by sport so it’s easy to find everything for lawn bowling, bocce ball, badminton, croquet or lawn darts. Don’t lose precious time hunting for all the mitts, hats, gloves, balls, bats or sticks that you need in order to play.

Wall hanging systems like Gridwall Racks keep equipment in full view and easy to find

An organized garage becomes an extension of your driveway when the door is opened. Garage storage cabinets and a durable custom garage floor transform your garage into functional living space so you can play games or serve dinner alfresco while the kids play in the yard or neighbors stop by to chat. Take advantage of longer daylight to relax, do a little gardening (since your tools are organized too), shoot some hoops or execute a skateboard nollie or kickflip to impress the kids before the sun goes down.


Back out the car and this garage is ready to host a party; garage design by Tailored Living of Toronto, Canada

Even with all this planning to redeem the time, you may still hear the age-old, bored-kid lament, “There’s nothing to do,” during the long days ahead. When that’s the case, assign some helpful activities like watering the garden, cleaning their bedrooms, walking the dog, emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry. That should send them scurrying to get that basketball in a real hurry!

Let Tailored Living help you enjoy an extra hour of guilt-free fun in the sun with whole-home organization solutions that eliminate clutter, reduce house cleaning time and beautify your home. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. We also offer custom closet organization systems, home office design, laundry room storage, entryway optimization and more.