Make Work Less Work With Custom Home Office Design For Home Or Business

The purpose of an office is to get work done. Whether it’s organizing recipes and paying bills or running a corporation, the principles of designing an efficient office space apply equally to individual home offices and corporate offices in commercial spaces. An office should enable you to work more efficiently, accomplishing the most work in the least amount of time. Tailored Living® has been designing custom office space for many years for both homeowners and business owners and is the expert in creating beautiful and efficient workspaces that take some of the work out of work.

Personal Home Office  An elegant office for a corporate president at the Home Office or an upscale personal home office

Custom office design affords benefits that buying ready-made furniture cannot equal. Maximizing space is a major component along with ergonomic considerations for comfort and productivity, efficient storage and organization, and styles and finishes to perfectly match any home or office décor. There’s just no comparison for what custom, tailored-made solutions can do for designing optimal office space.

Maximize all available space

It’s not unusual to feel that the space designated for an office doesn’t seem like enough, either at home or at work. Desks, filing cabinets, chairs, and the occasional conference table can quickly fill up an office. With Tailored Living’s custom cabinet designs, required desktop workspace can be integrated with drawers for filing and cabinets for storage, so any office is streamlined and efficient.

Home Office Organization A small office can become big on efficiency and productivity with custom solutions

  • Built-in desks and cabinets have a smaller footprint than free-standing furniture.
  • Figure out how much tabletop real estate you need to work effectively and factor that into your office design, including a pedestal extension for a conference table.
  • Capturing vertical space with enclosed cabinets reduces clutter from books, manuals, printer paper, and extra supplies that can all be stored from sight.

Work more efficiently with organization

Customized office design considers your personal work style, tasks to perform, and the workflow you prefer. Computer towers, printers, scanners, shredders, or fax machines can house in enclosed cabinets to keep your workspaces clear, making it easier to focus on work with less distraction. Custom storage solutions can provide the day-to-day availability of equipment and tools as well as some permanent, archival storage up and out of the way on the highest shelves.

Commercial Office StorageEvery inch of space is functional for getting a day’s work done with less disruption and distraction

  • Keeping a desktop clear of any clutter such as pen holders, stapler, and Post-It® Notes, is easy in drawers with dividers to organize the small stuff.
  • Or, integrated, matching Slatwall panels over your workspace can provide visible, handy access to any tools you use consistently.
  • Custom office design will allow you to incorporate any necessary security into your design, including safes and locking cabinets and file drawers to protect proprietary documents and information.

An ideal office lets you work in comfort

You can work longer and more efficiently in surroundings that cater to comfort: proper lighting, moderate temperature, quiet atmosphere, and ergonomically designed furniture. A good chair is a must to prevent fatigue and aches and pains. The right lighting will reduce glare on computer screens that can cause headaches. Temperature control will ensure that it’s not too hot or too cold to concentrate, and the use of personal fans and space heaters can supplement a heating and air system that leaves something to be desired.

His Home Office Work goes more smoothly when you’re not fighting with your environment for comfort

  • A balance of natural light and artificial light ensures proper lighting for comfort and function throughout the day, including accessory under-cabinet LED lights over your primary workspace.
  • Desk height can be customized as other than standard height if required, with drawers and cabinets adjusted for your optimum comfort.
  • Incorporate a standing desk as part of the design or opt for a portable one to change up your work stance during the day.

Custom styles, colors, and finishes to fit in anywhere

Custom office design lets you coordinate with existing décor for a perfect match. Door and drawer fronts in Smooth, Traditional, Shaker, and Classic Raised styles ensure you’ll get exactly the look you want. Color choices range from white to black, including wood-look finishes in natural wood tones, and don’t forget the office jewelry … custom decorative hardware for that finishing touch.

Home Office Styles Cabinet styles and finishes can be customized to match any home or business décor for total integration with the surroundings

Custom office space with a purpose

Whether you work from home or in a commercial setting, Tailored Living can help you design the most comfortable and efficient office space that you can imagine.

  • For a home office, space will be maximized to accommodate multiple uses and users.
  • In business, custom design will ensure employee comfort from the big corner office to shared offices where multiple workstations are required.
  • Requirements for storage, organization, and workspace will be incorporated into the design so valuable space is not wasted.

So, before you start collecting odds and ends to furnish a home office or hand out office supply catalogs to employees to order office furniture, call Tailored Living’s design experts and see what custom office space can do. Call 866-712-3404 or go online to to schedule a free, in-home or onsite business consultation to find a designer near you. Office space designed for your specific needs will save money, enhance work efficiency by integrating comfort and convenience, and make work a happier experience every day.