Maximizing Your Home’s Space with Custom Storage Solutions

This narrow TV room now has tons of storage space with a custom entertainment center built around the fireplace and big screen TV[/caption]

Have you ever oohed and aahed over some clever or innovative self storage solution on Pinterest or Instagram and wondered, “How did they ever think of that?” Well, chances are they didn’t think of it. They probably called in an expert, someone trained in designing space for its maximum efficiency. Someone like a Tailored Living® designer.

This is certainly not meant as a criticism, most of us aren’t wired to envision space other than how it is—empty and uninspired, especially if it’s the least bit awkward or unique. Such as under-stairway tiny closets, corners behind opening doors, narrow rooms or lots of windows—how can you capture that space and make it really useful? To truly get the most potential out of your home and garage storage, it’s not a bad idea to call in the professionals!

How to know when it’s time for professional help

If you question the need for assistance in getting organized, here are some situations that may indicate it’s definitely time for professional help:

  • You’re getting ready to rent a second storage unit from Southwest Mobile Storage for all your family’s stuff
  • No one can find anything; every conversations starts with, “Have you seen my____?”
  • There are unsightly piles in corners, closets and hallways
  • You think a lot about making changes, but never get around to it
  • The dog has started burying bones IN the house
  • You never entertain because you don’t want people in the house

A professional designer can help you begin to see past all the problems and begin to formulate a real solution. A local Tailored Living designer will come to your home for a free consultation, and work with you to clearly define exactly what you need to take the house back from all the clutter! Our proven design process breaks the seemingly overwhelming task into small, manageable segments, helping you to create a game plan for getting your whole home functional with custom storage solutions and practical home organization tips.

Custom storage solutions for every room…and more

Tailored Living professional designers are expert at maximizing all your space. Custom closets, home office design, laundry rooms and pantries are just the beginning. We also do complete garage organization, including garage cabinets and custom garage flooring, entry way and mudroom storage, guest rooms and Murphy Beds, attics, basements and even commercial spaces.

If you don’t know where to start, start with whatever makes you feel the most frustrated.

  • Getting garage storage maximized would help to move some things out of the house, such as seasonal items, storage boxes, and sports equipment that finds its way into the bedrooms or piles up in entry way. You’ll even be able to finally park the car inside the garage!
  • Maybe the closets are where you need to focus first. Custom closet storage systems that utilize every inch of space will make it easier to keep the bedrooms clean, and clothes and accessories will always be accessible with shoe racks, hanging rods, shelves and drawers. Designing around the special needs of the user, like lower hanging rods and pull-out bins for children, make closet maintenance easier.
  • A messy entry way or mudroom can become amazingly useful and organized with custom solutions for all your family’s comings and goings. Hooks for hanging coats and hats, cabinets or cubbies for stowing backpacks and purses, a bench for depositing packages or changing shoes, and even a bin to keep the dog’s leash, sweater and other dog-walk necessities.
  • If your TV room has become a jumbled catch-all, a custom entertainment center or innovative shelves and cabinets could organize all the media equipment, movies, games, etc., and create a more family-friendly room.

Organization is addictive

You may find that once you begin to organize your space, you won’t be able to stop! The benefits of time saved looking for things like car keys, less clutter generating less stress, and renewed appreciation for your home’s comfort and beauty will inspire you to organize the whole house. You may just burst into song along with Crosby, Stills & Nash: “Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard; life used to be so hard. Now everything is easy 'cause of you…”

Wherever you choose to start—master bedroom custom closets, garage cabinets and flooring, a home office or the laundry room--with Tailored Living you’re assured of the highest quality storage solutions from professionals who are dedicated to excellence in everything they do. You’ll be delighted with the attention to detail, the dozens of samples for color, finish and hardware options, and especially the 3D D’VinciTM design software that lets you see a virtual reality of how each space will look.

It’s the perfect time to call, with our Home for the Holidays sale event going on now through the end of the year. You can get organized for the holidays or make home organization your very first New Year’s resolution. Get started by calling 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. Sign up for our eNewsletter to receive sale event announcements and to stay on top of the latest trends in home organization.

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