Mind Over Clutter—Start the New Year Organized

If you look around your home and feel like the stuff is taking over, maybe it’s time for a New Year’s revolution instead of a resolution. The holidays and all the trappings can sometimes overload your surroundings and your senses to the point where you need to “clear some space.” So before you decide to back up a truck and toss everything in to be hauled away, take a deep breath and begin to formulate a de-cluttering battle plan.

If selling your home is at the top of your list of New Year's resolutions, one step to achieving this goal is throwing out any clutter that you no longer need. Once you've achieved this, you'll be ready to move and contacting someone like these residential movers in Alpharetta in no time at all.

That's not to say that a little organising can't go a long way too! With custom closets, garage cabinets and other in-home storage solutions, you’ll begin winning one skirmish after another, and discover that you’ve actually won the war on clutter and gotten your home organized for the New Year!

Bid the holidays a fond farewell

Start with the obvious. Getting the extra layer of “holiday” out of the way, you‘ll be able to focus on the day-to-day clutter issues and attack the real pockets of resistance to having a fully organized home.

  • Put holiday decorations back into storage, including special serving dishes, linens and the outdoor lights.
  • Gather any gifts that need to be returned or exchanged; don’t shove them into the back of a closet. Plan an afternoon for returns and maybe catch that movie you wanted to see but never had the time.
  • Free the fridge! Discard cookies, candies and leftovers from parties and gatherings, including the giant popcorn tin of now-stale popcorn and that fruitcake no one will ever eat.
  • Toss out the tree and carefully vacuum up every needle. (There’s just something so frustrating about still finding pine needles in March and April.)

Maximize your home for storage

It’s been said that the one phrase never uttered in the history of mankind is, "Do you know what my problem is? I have too much storage space." (Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?) Most homes do suffer from a lack of functional storage space and without a plan to change that, clutter and chaos continue to reign.

Tailored Living® designers are experts at creating custom, tailor-made solutions for your home that will exceed your expectations. They can help you find and maximize storage in closets, home offices, pantries, laundry rooms, guest rooms, entry ways, garages, basements and more. With innovative design, detailed measuring and our exclusive 3D D’Vinci design software, you’ll be amazed at how much available storage space you actually have!

Making a room-by-room assessment, you’ll be able to control the clutter of life with storage solutions customized for each space.

  • Convert vertical space into functional storage
  • Enclosed cabinets hide clutter but keep items easily available
  • Optional accessories like pull-out hampers, drawers and racks help control clutter
  • Fashionable styles, colors and finishes to match existing décor eliminate an “added-on” look
  • Hardware choices and personalized accessories allow for ultimate customization
  • The Tailored Living free, in-home consultation brings the designer right to your door

It’s a family affair

Custom storage systems provide the battle plan for winning your own private clutter war. Implementing some rules of organization will ensure that your storage is used to its maximum efficiency. Getting the whole family converted to a de-cluttering mindset is key to a stress-free New Year for everyone.

Messy bedrooms

  • Discard any clothing that no longer fits or is fit to wear. Closets should contain only those wardrobe items that actually get worn.
  • Kids should get rid of toys and books as they outgrow or lose interest in them rather than creating a toys graveyard. (This goes for adult electronic “toys” as well.)
  • Everything up off the floor! Just a five-minute pickup at bedtime will prevent unruly piles and remove what doesn’t belong in the room.

Overflowing kitchen and pantry

  • Take stock of your cooking tools and utensils and get rid of duplicates or items you never use. That fancy waffle maker and handy-dandy dicer/slicer that are still in their boxes can be donated to a good cause for a good cause--to free up your space.
  • Monitor foodstuffs and spices to ensure that your pantry isn’t hiding expired items.
  • Clear countertop space so you actually have room for cooking. Seldom-used small appliances can go in a pantry or cabinet.

Piled laundry room

  • Toss out laundry soap, stain removers and any other products you don’t like or use.
  • Invest in quality hangers that won’t break and that will help clothes keep their shape.
  • Have sufficient hampers to manage the dirty laundry; one per family member or one per type: lights, darks, colors, work uniforms, towels, dry cleaning and pet blankets.

Comfy family or TV room

This laid-back, comfy room can easily become a dumping ground as shoes are kicked off, books and magazines pile up, movies, games and puzzles are left out, and pillows and blankets multiply. And don’t even get started on the snacking… There is a fine line between comfortable and cluttered; you need to find the balance that works for you, and enforce it!

  • Discard books, games, DVDs and music CDs that your family no longer cares about.
  • Make a rule that when anyone leaves the room, their shoes go with them.
  • Everyone cleans up after themselves for snacks, plates, cups and glasses.

These are just a few ideas for waging the war on clutter. You can find even more clutter-busting ideas for your home and garage in our online Design Solutions Guide. Your Tailored Living Designer will help you accommodate your specific needs and implement solutions throughout the house that work with your family and lifestyle. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. Make 2016 the year you go clutter-free!