Prepare the Heart of Your Home for Healthier New Year Habits with a new Kitchen Design

Got your New Year’s resolutions ready? Is one of them to eat and live a healthier lifestyle? One factor that could help contribute to the success of your resolution is redesigning your kitchen to make it more organized and more conducive to cooking healthy meals. Simplicity is the key here, the easier your kitchen design is, the easier it is to find and cook the ingredients for a healthy meal, the more likely you are to do it.

An easy way to instantly update your kitchen is by installing a new sink. Farmhouse style kitchen sinks are incredibly popular and can be fitted into modern or traditional kitchens to provide a rustic flair. Check out this farmhouse sink installation guide for more information.

The key to making the items in your kitchen more accessible is through organized kitchen cabinets. Proper organization can be achieved through many different means depending on the wants and needs of each homeowner. Every home and every person is unique, Tailored Living works very close with homeowners to determine the type of organizational style that suits them best. Once the homeowner and organizational specialist have worked out how to best section off areas of the kitchen design for their specific uses and purposes, it is time to decide what types of kitchen organizers will be used to complete the transformation.

Spice racks

  • Keep all your spices in one place with your new kitchen design that incorporates slide out spice racks that are out of the way until you need them. Liven up your healthy dishes with just the right amount of the perfect spice!

Customized cabinetry

  • Possibly the most important part of any kitchen design, cabinetry can make or break your kitchen. Too much and you don’t have enough counter space, not enough and you don’t have enough storage space. Working with a Tailored Living organization specialist can help you determine exactly how much cabinetry you need and what will go in the cabinets once they are complete.

Wine racks

  • Just as, if not more, important than any spice racks! Wine racks from Tailored Living are available in many different styles to suit each individual homeowner’s personal taste and style.

Start planning your new kitchen design today with the help of your local Tailored Living and start the New Year off healthy!