Refresh Your Home and Wardrobe with the 2019 Colors of the Year

Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” –Paul Gauguin, artist

Color does play a big part in our enjoyment of life. We carefully select colors in our homes, so we’re surrounded by what we love in colors that make us feel good. Color can evoke emotion, whether setting the mood for a room or rocking your world in a red power suit. The pursuit for the perfect colors is always on and always changing.

Every new year, the Pantone Color Institute and major paint manufacturers put forth their picks for Color of the Year. These color choices serve as guides for people in coloring the palette of their lives, in interior design and fashion, adding freshness and fun to our everyday lives. Highlighting five top choices, Tailored Living® offers ways to incorporate these stunning colors into your life.

Living Coral: Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

Pantone’s choice of Living Coral as its Color of the Year invites a return to nature, with an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. At its core, is the search for simplicity, soothing organic forms, and natural wellness in anxious times.” If you are happy with your decorating scheme but feel the need for a little something more, add dashes of Living Coral for a whole new look.

  • Colorful accessories like decorator pillows, rugs and woven throws can add pops of color
  • An accent wall or one upholstered sofa, chair or ottoman can integrate the color
  • Find patterns and art pieces that combine your existing color scheme with the new color

Metropolitan: Benjamin Moore’s 2019 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore promotes understated design with its cool, gray choice for 2019 Color of the Year--Metropolitan. The stylish neutral is “comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, exuding beauty and balance. Not arresting nor aggressive, this understated, glamourous gray creates a soothing atmosphere.”

  • Bring in varying shades and textures for a monochromatic masterpiece
  • Using lights and darks creates depth and interest in a calming space
  • Accessorize with coordinating or contrasting colors to strike the right color note for your personal preference

Blueprint: Behr’s 2019 Color of the Year

Having the blues isn’t a bad thing when it’s Behr’s 2019 Color of the Year, Blueprint. “Warmer than denim and softer than navy,” it propels blue to the forefront of design with a new hue that is universally appealing and “poised to be an instant classic for years to come.” Blueprint works well with many other colors such as pastels or neutrals, as well as deeper and darker shades.

  • Add Blueprint accessories throughout your home for a consistent color scheme
  • Create an inviting entryway with Blueprint as a front door color to welcome visitors in
  • Blue is a relaxing color and ideal for a bedroom, powder room or library

Cavern Clay: Sherwin-Williams’ 2019 Color of the Year

Go for casual or refined with Sherwin-Williams’ 2019 Color of the Year, a renaissance of the 70s with a twist. “Our 2019 Color of the Year, Cavern Clay, embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair. It’s an easy way to bring in the warmth of the outdoors.” 

  • Pair with complementary materials, including leather, woodgrain finishes and cacti tabletop gardens and sculptural greenery
  • Warm gray or deep brown furnishings create a casual, Southwest atmosphere
  • Black accents, bright colored tiles or textiles, and natural stone finishes enhance the earthy color for a modern desert aesthetic

Night Watch: PPG’s 2019 Color of the Year

Enhance your home with deep, rich green, PPG’s Color of the Year, Night Watch. The vibrant green calls to mind elegant ballrooms and parlors of old. Contrasting colors in ceilings, doors, trims and baseboards create a dramatic impact in a formal dining room or living room. Truly a statement color, this stunning green is ideal for accent walls, furniture, cabinetry, and window treatments.

  • Integrate Night Watch as solid or patterned rugs, pillows or curtains to enrich your space
  • Pair Night Watch with Living Coral for an exciting, energizing color combination, complete with mixed metal accessories
  • Bring in dark green chairs or couch, or repurpose wood furniture by repainting tables or cabinets with Night Watch

Bring the 2019 Colors of the Year into your wardrobe

Don’t stop with just interior design refreshment. These shades and hues can bring new life to your closet, and you, by adding the 2019 Colors of the Year to your wardrobe. Whether as a foundation color for key pieces or as accessories like scarves, shoes and jewelry, you can transform your style with some new colors. This New Year take a leap of faith and expand your own personal color palette. You may find a new favorite color you just can’t live without!

  • If you’re “stuck in neutral,” add a Living Coral print scarf and shoes to liven up an outfit
  • “Go green” with shades of Night Watch in mix-and-match pieces
  • Get a signature trench coat in a new color to keep warm all winter long
  • Cozy up in sweaters, vests, scarves and hats in any of the 2019 colors
  • Add excitement to everything you wear with pops of color in shoes, boots and purses
  • Colorful, artisan jewelry can take you from lovely to “wow!”

Take a stroll through your house and see where fresh, new colors could make a difference. If you find too much clutter is distracting from the look and feel you want, Tailored Living can help with storage and organization solutions that can restore order and create calm out of chaos to showcase your new color choices. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We can help make your space work better for you and your family with custom closet storage systems, home office design, laundry room organization, custom pantry storage, entryway solutions, garage cabinets and flooring, and more.