Reorganize Your Pantry with Tips from Tailored Living and the KonMarie Method

Marie Kondo has taken the (disorganized) world by storm with her best sellers, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the most recent, Spark Joy. The new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo that premiered in January, has reawakened the natural desire in people for stress-free living.

Tailored Living®, as well, has touched the lives of thousands of homeowners, moving them from chaos to calm through custom storage and organization solutions for every area of the home. From closets to garages and everything in between, decluttering and tidying up can change your whole world. If your pantry has you dreading cooking and shopping, here are some pantry organization tips from Tailored Living, with a little dash of the KonMarie Method, that will have you loving your pantry, your kitchen and your life!

See what you have in your pantry

This may seem glaringly obvious, but pantries can become ineffective when they’re just a closet, cabinet or room stuffed with food. Without organization, things get lost, are shoved to the back of the shelves, and expire before they’re ever used.  It becomes impossible to find what you’re looking for, and why is there so much mustard in here …?

The KonMarie Method says:

  • What matters is the ability to see where everything is stored.
  • Storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away.

Tailored Living brings these ideas to life with custom pantry design to organize everything in your pantry so that, at a glance, you can see exactly what you have. Or, if you don’t have a formal pantry, we can create a pantry in a closet, a kitchen pantry in cabinets, a free-standing armoire, an alcove in the hall, or even a space in the garage.

  • Floor-to-ceiling adjustable pantry shelves capture all usable vertical space to display everything from kitchen appliances to snack foods.
  • Replace deep shelves with narrow shelves or have a mix of shelf sizes.
  • Higher shelves can hold seldom-used items, with everyday items at eye level.
  • Pull-out drawers and bins make organizing easy and they control the clutter smaller items can create.
  • Work countertops and enclosed cabinets can enhance your pantry space.
  • Specialty storage racks keep all your spices together and your favorite wines safely preserved.

Purge and organize the contents

Sorting and purging are both essential elements of decluttering to eliminate what is no longer needed. In a pantry, this involves checking expiration dates for food and considering all the other things that make their way into the pantry like small appliances, light bulbs, serving dishes and pans. Relocate what doesn’t belong and donate or discard things you never use, including the four different protein powders left over from the “get healthy” craze that passed quickly last summer.

The KonMarie Method says:

  • Discard food that’s past its expiration date, or simply eliminate anything you wouldn’t actually want to consume.
  • Clutter isn’t solely caused by excess but also when items aren’t returned to the place they belong. Designate a place for each item by considering its function and frequency of use

A Tailored Living custom pantry takes into consideration the exact storage needs of your family. By designing to specific needs, your pantry will always have a place for everything, keeping it neat and orderly. Labels can define individual containers, drawers and shelves so everyone can help avoid clutter by putting things where they belong.

  • Set up a baking section that contains everything from flour to chocolate chips so that when it’s time to bake, everything you need is right there.
  • Glass or plastic see-through containers for staples like flour, sugar, pasta, beans, and rice let you know when it’s time to buy more.
  • Many foods like cereal, cookies and chips come in bags and boxes that, once opened, lose their freshness seal, so transfer them into airtight containers or use bag clip closures.
  • Group snacks and breakfast items on lower shelves or in bins so everyone can find their favorites and the kids can serve themselves.
  • Create separate sections for water, juices and sodas, canned goods, boxed mixes, paper products, and pet food.
  • Create a natural rotation by moving the oldest foods to the front of the shelves so they are used first, putting newer items in the back.

A pantry that sparks joy

A custom pantry from Tailored Living will reach the KonMarie goal and spark joy every time you go into the pantry. With maximized storage, a place for everything, and innovative storage and organization solutions, your kitchen will be a stress-free zone, making your entire home a happier place.

Now is the perfect time to get your pantry in order, getting rid of assorted holiday leftovers from gift baskets, half-empty bags of stale chips, and the family-size bottle of vitamin gummies that have melted into a lump. Make this your year of getting organized, starting with your pantry. Your local Tailored Living designer can evaluate your needs with you and design the perfect custom pantry for your space, or help you find space to build a pantry.

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