Simple Steps to Organizing Your Closet

If you were to ask a person what the toughest job in home organization is, the answer would definitely be “closet organization”. Yes, it is one of the toughest and most hated jobs by most people thanks to the limited space available in most of closets. Space has been the biggest enemy when it comes to organizing the closet. So how can one organize all their belongings within this limited space?

De-clutter: All home organization work should start with de-cluttering. Once all the unwanted and unused things are removed, space automatically pops up thus providing a clear idea as to how to proceed with the organizing work. All the old shoes, dresses, etc. that have gone out of fashion or those you can hardly fit into should be disposed off. Few people have the habit of storing things for “future use”. This again should be avoided as half of the things stored this way will not be put to use in future.

Cleaning: Once the closet is de-cluttered, it’s time to clean it. A damp cloth is an ideal tool to clean the space correctly. Once cleaning is done, throw in scented soaps or scented sachets to provide a refreshing feel to the closet.

Organize: Once the de-cluttering and cleaning process is done and you are left with useable items, the organizing work can begin. It is a wise idea to group similar things like skirts, shoes, etc. Color coordinating will make the closet look well organized and also make it easy to find clothes. The most used items should be stored on top and less used items in the middle. Shoes should definitely be stored on the bottom rack as it is easily accessible and manageable. A pull out rack will make it easy to access needed items. Items that are to be kept without folding like suits should be hung using a hanger. Hooks can be used to create extra storage space. Out of season clothes should be stored high up. Suitcases that are not put to frequent use can be utilized for seasonal storage.

Accessorizing: Using accessories wisely provides a neat and clean look to the closet. Use hangers of same colors. An umbrella stand can be used not only for holding umbrella but also to hold your yoga mat and other accessories. Using boxes for holding shoes can provide a coordinated look. Try to provide light between the closet door and storage area. A stackable laundry basket not only looks clean and neat, but also makes it easy to carry the laundry to the washing machine.

Maintain: Maintenance is more difficult than cleaning and organizing. Make sure that only neat and clean items are put inside the closet. Once in a while the scented sachets can be replaced by new ones to retain the freshness.

The above process should be repeated at frequent intervals to assure a neat and clean space. Considering the closet as a small room in your house is the best way to keep it well organized.

Contributed by Susan Johns

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