Super-Simple Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Closet

Maximize your small closet by arranging your clothes neatly. Use colored hangers to help you do this. Utilize the lower and upper spaces where your closet is for maximum effect.

A small closet does not have to be a warrant for messiness or misplacing of items. Your closet can still be orderly and tidy without draining you. It may mean adding more clothes storage cabinets to organize it completely.

How to make a small closet more organized to make it feel larger


  • Pull out everything from the closet. Sort your clothes into piles.
  • Place those that do not fit or those you have not worn in a year into one pile. Decide whether to donate or sell them. Set aside out-of-season clothes. Store them out of the way until that season arrives. The last pile is for clothes you actively wear.
  • Sort this pile according to their length and type like trousers, tops, and sweaters. Hang the long clothes on one end and then the short hanging ones on the other end.
  • In between the short and long hanging clothes, hang trousers using multilayered hangers. These allow you to store several 4-5 pairs of trousers per hanger.
  • The space below the shorter clothes is enough to fit two or three shelves for all your shoes. Fit them and then arrange the shoes neatly on them.
  • Utilize the space above the wardrobes by installing one or two shelves. They will provide more storage for other items of clothing. Use shelf dividers to organize your shelves further so you can keep your clothes according to type. Place your t-shirts, towels, and sweaters.
  • If your wardrobes have doors, use that space for more of your items. Mount an organizer in which to place your jewelry. Place hooks on the other door for hanging your belts and bags.
  • With everything neatly packed in place, it will look organized. This will make your wardrobe seem larger. It also makes locating an item of clothing a faster and easier task.

How to maximize your wardrobe storage

Maximizing wardrobe storage means using all available space wisely. It also requires you to be deliberate in organizing your items. This enables you to find your items immediately when you need them instead of rummaging everywhere searching for them.

Use the floor spaces

The floor space in your wardrobe can fit a small clothes storage cabinet and a shoe rack. This cabinet is perfect for small loose items such as scarves, handkerchiefs, face towels, and some of your tops. The top of the cabinet can hold your hats and some of your jewelry.

Don't overlook the upper shelf

If the wardrobe and cabinet can hold all items of clothing, use the upper shelf for your many bags. A shelf divider will help you keep them in place. You can also invest in a transparent bin for your purses.

Increase your hanging space

For a tall closet, fix a second rod below the current one. If they appear close together, raise the original rod. It will double the space to fit all your clothes. You can create space for vertical shelving as well.

The door space is useful too

Hang hooks or mount a corkboard on your doors. They add valuable space for such items as jewelry, scarves, belts, and handbags.

Maintain your space


You will always keep buying more clothes and other items. If you cannot find space for the new outfits, let go of other older or less favorite ones. Doing this ensures you do not run out of space. Alternatively, plan to reorganize your closet regularly to put away clothes that are out of season.

How to maximize small spaces

Color code for walls– paint the main room white or a brighter color that makes furniture pieces stand out. Segregate the rest of the rooms using different colors.

Murphy beds - Tailored Living’s murphy beds, or wall beds, fold down from the wall and then back into the cabinet to save space in your house. They can be integrated into a wall of built-in custom cabinets or a home office design.

TV mounts – Mounting your TV frees up the floor space. It makes the room more spacious and stylish.

Non-intrusive furniture - Invest in a disappearing desk. This can be lifted from underneath a shelf and let down when not in use to give you the much-needed space. A fold-out table comes in handy in a small space. You can use it as a dining table for you and your guests and swivel it away beneath the counter when not in use.

Artwork - Invest in unique artwork pieces for your walls. Hang your paintings above eye level to allude to a high ceiling. They make your small space inviting while giving it a finished look.

Hat storage – Install hat racks behind your interior door. This displays your hat collection beautifully while making the hats conveniently accessible.

How to make a small closet look like a boutique

These closet storage ideas will give your small closet a boutique look to die for.

  • Organize your clothes into four categories for the four seasons. Hang them in four sections for each of the seasons.
  • In each category, arrange them further depending on use. This could be sportswear, formal wear, and church wear.
  • If you have various colors for your hangers, choose a color for the four seasonal clothes. Hang each category of clothes according to the color you have assigned it.
  • Use some of your upper shelves for your shoes or using a shoe divider placed over the closet door, hang your shoes there.
  • Place your tees and jumpers in separate wicker baskets on the upper shelves of the closet with clear labels.
  • Hang several hooks on the closet door in a neat line for your necklaces, belts, bangles, and ties. Alternatively, fit your small cabinet in the closet beneath the clothes. Use a drawer divider in each of the drawers for your gloves, belts, ties, and sunglasses.
  • Invest in a colorful board for hanging your earrings. Place it on the closet door.

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