Tailored Living Featured on NBC's George to the Rescue

After enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2002, Corporal Watson completed the rigors of Corps training and was deployed to Iraq to proudly serve his country. Assigned to the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, Watson was the Vehicle Commander for a Heavy Machine Gun/Anti-Armor Weapons Team, an integral unit for combing enemy territory and keeping ground troops safe. Sustaining a bullet wound to the shoulder during his first tour, Corporal Watson rehabilitated, was awarded his first Purple Heart, and quickly returned for a second deployment in Iraq. A second gunshot wound to the knee earned Watson a second Purple Heart, another trip to rehabilitation, and his final opportunity to enlist and re-deploy to Iraq. It was during his third tour in 2006 that Corporal Watson’s vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb, flipping it, and causing causalities to his whole unit. The physical damage that resulted led to Corporal Sherman Watson’s honorable discharge from the Marine Corps after earning three Purple Hearts.

Returning to his hometown roots in Compton, CA, this proud marine was trying to make a life for himself and his growing family, but following the injuries sustained during his three tours in Iraq, daily home improvement tasks became difficult. Splitting time between school, his family and “The Veterans Alternative” (an organization that promotes therapeutic relationships and conversation between veterans about their experiences), Sherman lacked the time, funds, and experience to accomplish the home improvement projects needed to make his house a better place to raise his children. That is where Tailored Living and George to the Rescue came in.

“Tailored Living worked very hard with George to the Rescue to design and install a functional, organized garage space in order to pay tribute to Sherman Watson and the incredible sacrifices he has made for our country,” states Dan Tafoya, Senior Vice-President of Tailored Living. “Providing time-saving and stress-free organizational solutions to fit his personal needs will let Corporal Watson spend more time on what is most important – his family and his community. We are honored to be part of this show and opportunity to give back to a very deserving man and father.”

Tailored Living’s design team of experts used D’Vinci™– a proprietary interactive design software – to create a functional and fully organized space by adding new cabinetry and flooring that helped transform the Watson family garage into a multi-purpose space for their growing family.

Be sure to tune in on October 13th to watch Corporal Sherman Watson’s incredible garage transformation! Check your local NBC listings for airing times. For more information, click HERE.

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