The King Is In The House With A Custom Man Cave For Father’s Day

This Father’s Day you can give your Dad something that will keep him smiling for years to come – his very own man cave. If the term is new to you, first of all, where have you been? And second, a man cave is sort of a throwback to the den of decades ago, in combination with the boyhood clubhouse with the No Girls Allowed sign. It’s Dad’s space to get away and have some time to himself for hobbies, relaxing, entertaining his friends, and occasionally getting loud with sports or favorite music.

Find space for dear old dad

You may not think you have space for a man cave at your house, but there are many different versions of what a man cave can be:

  • Carve out space in the garage
  • Transform a home office into one-part office and one-part man cave
  • Let the spare bedroom become Dad’s territory
  • Attic or basement conversion would do nicely

Tailored Living® can help you maximize space in your home with custom storage and organization solutions that will seem to create more functional living space throughout the entire home and help you find some space for that special Father’s Day gift.

Custom garage man cave

Your dad might prefer a more action-centered man cave instead of a game, lounge, or media setting. He can do projects, hand-tie fishing lures, work out, or participate in his favorite sports. Custom garage storage cabinets, countertops, and drawers will clear garage clutter and neatly store and organize everything in the garage so there’s space for more than just parking the cars. PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings or PremierTrax® interlocking tiles floor create an easy-care, durable garage floor as the finishing touch, so his garage man cave is ready for anything.

Home office and man cave combined

Sometimes a home office can spread out with clutter consuming an entire room, but with custom cabinets and workstations, you can consolidate the office needs to just half of the room. This frees up the other half for a TV and music media center, quiet reading spot, or never-ending sports focus for dad to relax and play after a hard day’s work. Not surprisingly, he’ll probably get more work done in less time with an organized office and have the luxury of some extra time for himself.

Spare room equals awesome man cave

A spare room can completely transform into man cave territory with a wall of storage to house TV, electronics, movies, music, books, and collectables. Built-in cabinetry from Tailored Living can match the rest of your home’s décor or let dad set a different vibe for his personal space. Comfy furniture, game tables, and a big screen TV will keep him, and his friends, happily occupied when it’s dad playtime. Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers fame says, “If you include a pull-out sofa or Murphy bed, it can double as a guest room.” (You won’t feel like you’re losing the option of additional sleeping space.)

Attic or basement conversion

Basements and attics are often overlooked as living space if they’re unfinished and uninviting. Wall treatments, new floors, and lighting will convert those spaces into usable space, making your home seem bigger. This basement makeover with jukebox and bar can host any number of events as well as serving as dad’s getaway. An incorporated media area, ample seating, and game tables will let him spend his free time alone, entertain his friends, or invite the family down for some fun, dad-style.

No-holds-barred decorating in the man cave

A man cave gives dad the opportunity for his own decorating style that might not work in other areas of the home. He can unpack those boxes of personal keepsakes at the back of the garage and display them proudly, including:

  • Antlers and mounted fish
  • An abundance of sports trophies
  • Signed sports jerseys and game balls
  • Lighted beer signs and cigar band art
  • Action movie posters
  • Model car, motorcycle, and airplane collections

Make this Father’s Day memorable with the gift that keeps on giving, a custom man cave, personalized for your unique and special dad. If you don’t want to design or furnish it yourself, a Tailored Living gift certificate will set him up with your local Tailored Living designer who will work directly with him to assure he gets everything he wants. From style to color and workspace to play space, your dad will end up with the perfect man cave.  Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you. If your dad is not local, do a ZIP code search and you can purchase a gift certificate from the Tailored Living design specialist where he lives.

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