Timely Tips For A Safe And Fun-Filled Halloween

As have so many things in our new “covid world,” Halloween and trick-or-treating will take on a slightly different look for 2020. By following the guidelines we’ve lived with since March, including masks (already a big part of Halloween), social distancing, and sanitization procedures, you can still enjoy all the spooky fun of Halloween while keeping your witches, ghosts, princesses, and pirates safe and sound. Tailored Living® has some timely tips for what to do and what not to do to make this year’s unique Halloween especially fun and memorable for everyone.

Happy HalloweenHalloween and trick-or-treating are just as much fun with a mindset of “safety first”

What to skip this Halloween

The safety of this holiday is on everyone’s mind from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S and the Public Health Agency of Canada to individual community leaders evaluating local celebrations. As a result, large interactive gatherings like the Disney Parks’ Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, creepy haunted houses, and bustling parades that accumulate crowds have been canceled all over the country in the name of safety. In your own home, here are some things to avoid for a safe and sane Halloween for your family:

  • Homemade goodies like caramel apples, cookies or popcorn balls are off the agenda for handing out to trick-or-treaters. Stick with purchased, individually packaged treats.
  • Close-up party games like bobbing for apples, Twister, and pass the orange need a pass. 
  • High-risk outdoor events and crowded gatherings where social distancing is impossible should be off your to-do list.
  • Costumes without a protective mask are a no-no; enhance any costume with a coordinating mask that covers the mouth and nose.
  • Eating on-the-go from the trick-or-treat bag; save the eating for later when everyone’s hands can be thoroughly clean before unwrapping the collected treats.

What to do to stay safe

Being vigilant about safety and sanitation is the best way to protect your family around any Halloween activities. From trick-or-treating to hosting and attending parties, the protections we’ve become accustomed to are especially important to keep everyone safe while enjoying Halloween fun. This goes for kids as well as adults who have come to embrace Halloween with parties and get-togethers all month long.

  • Require protective face masks for everyone from two-year-old to adult: 13 Halloween face masks for kids and 17 Halloween face masks for anyone.
  • Remind kids to stay six feet apart as they walk from house to house and not to crowd together as they collect candy at doorways.
  • Reject any treats except individually wrapped store-bought goodies.
  • Limit the number of houses you visit to reduce contact with strangers; plan activities after trick-or-treating to extend the festivities.
  • Wear gloves, wash hands as much as possible, and bring hand sanitizer for on the go.
  • Set out your trick-or-treat goodies in individual bags lining the walkway or driveway so kids can pick them up from a safe distance.
  • Consider activities with only family members or other people “in your bubble” to cut down on exposure.
  • Look for local events that have been structured for maximum safety: drive-by haunted houses or forests, walking tours where social distancing is enforced, and trick-or-treating at businesses that monitor occupancy and crowd control.

Have a home-based Halloween

If you choose to forego traditional Halloween activities this year, you can still have a full schedule of fun, so the kids don’t feel they’ve missed out. Integrate spooky, funny, candy, and costumes into an all-night celebration right at home where you can control the environment and have peace of mind regarding safety. Here are suggestions from around the internet for home-grown Halloween fun!

  • A Zoom Halloween party with friends or distant family is a safe way to bring everyone close. Check out 10 Ideas for Hosting a Socially Distance Zoom Halloween Party.
  • Have a Halloween party indoors with a limited guest list so social distancing is not a problem.
  • An outdoor party lets more people gather, with food stations and games set up to keep everyone at safe distances.
  • Make costumes a big part of the evening and ramp up the fun with matching Halloween-themed pajamas for the whole family. 
  • In lieu of trick-or-treating, have an Easter-egg-style Halloween hunt in the dark with flashlights for candy hidden around the house and yard. When all the candy is found, have dinner by candlelight and watch movies or play games.
  • An all-night Halloween movie marathon with never-ending snacks will keep all ages entertained. Stream movies with Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix or play DVDs of the family’s favorite scary movies. If you need more family-friendly movies, check out The best Halloween movies for kids of all ages—29 great titles rated G, PG, and PG-13, but missing the original Ghostbusters, a Halloween must-see.

 Halloween FunMake Halloween both safe and memorable this year by adhering to protective protocols while pulling out all the stops for fun

Your home, your way

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Happy Halloween from Tailored Living!

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