Tips to Keep Your Family Safe, Warm, and Organized All Winter Long

Along with the fun of the holidays, wintertime brings some challenges that are not as enjoyable or short-lived. Winter is the official forecast until March 20, the first day of Spring. This means that for a few months we’ll continue to battle varying degrees of cold, drafty doors and windows, snow banks, icicles, slush, mud, rain, black ice on the roads, and freezing temperatures.

If you’re new to snow country or you’ve not “wintered up” yet, here are some tips from Tailored Living® to help you and your family make it safely through the coldest months with the least discomfort. Don’t be caught unawares at the first snowfall or storm that comes your way.

Winterizing the house

Keeping the cold out and the warm in is a top priority in the wintertime. It's important to sort any issues out that will let heat out. Install insulation, get Ace Roofing Company to look at your roof, check the attic for drafts, the list goes on! Additionally, making sure everyone can find their cold weather gear, including coats, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, and boots is important. A custom mudroom/entryway from Tailored Living will ensure that everyone in the family can always find what they need to combat the cold. Whether in the garage or sharing the laundry room, a mudroom/entryway built to your family’s specific needs will make sure everyone stays warm and protected as they come and go this winter.

  • Individual hooks let wet garments dry out before the next wearing.
  • Shelves or cubbies for shoes and boots eliminate floor clutter. Use rugs to catch the drips.
  • Cabinets can hold bins or baskets for small items like gloves and scarves.

Windows and doors can be the greatest offenders to allowing in the cold. Windows lose more heat per square foot in winter than any other surface in the home. Inspect weatherstripping on all doors and windows and replace where needed to block drafts, and swap out light-weight curtains for heavier, lined drapery. With blinds and shutters, you can add an additional layer of protection behind them by using a spring rod inside the casement to hang thermal curtains for extra protection against the cold.

Further reduce the impact of winter on your home with these tips:

  • Keep a couple of days’ worth of firewood by the fireplace to save trips to the woodpile when the weather’s bad outside.
  • Place rugs or mats at all entrances to eliminate tracking in dirt, snow, and mud. For steps, use a runner or texturize the surface to prevent falls.
  • Screen over any entry points to keep furry guests out of your house, garage, chimney, and attic.
  • Clear and repair rain gutters to avoid over-flow or freezing.
  • Wrap any exposed water pipes to prevent freezing with polyethylene insulation tubes, PVC pipe wrap, automatic heat tape or newspaper, wrapped 1/4” thick and secured with duct tape.

Winterize the garage

An organized garage can be a big help for making it safely through the winter. Custom solutions from Tailored Living will make your garage more functional for wintertime as well as all year long. A combination of garage storage cabinets, wall-hanging systems, overhead storage racks, and a durable PremierOne® garage floor can transform your garage into functional living space. You’ll be able to find what you need when you need it, and have space to park the cars.

  • Make the garage laundry room more user-friendly with increased lighting and a space heater for laundry day. Keep supplies handy with storage cabinets around the appliances.
  • Keep winter sports equipment organized and easy to find with custom racks for skis, snowboards, sleds, ice skates, etc. Store out-of-season equipment in cabinets.
  • Have deicing products like salt, ashes, or sand readily available for driveway and walkways in air-tight containers right by the garage door.
  • Safety check the garage door opener, oil moving parts, check hinges and supply fresh batteries in all remotes or keypads.
  • Automatic garage doors will not work during a power outage, so be sure everyone knows how to release the catch to manually raise the door, so you can get the car out.
  • Add insulation to your garage walls and install an insulated garage door.
  • A PremierOne® epoxy floor coating protects the floor and is guaranteed not to chip, peel or fade. Stain and moisture resistant, the surface inhibits mold or bacteria growth, keeping your garage clean and allergen-free.

Winter tips for car care

If you cannot keep your car in the garage during the winter, there are steps to take to help alleviate some of the cold weather problems, especially if you live where temperatures drop to freezing and snow and ice directly impact your vehicle. Take protective care of the car and you won’t be late to work because of a frozen windshield.

  • A windshield frost protector will keep ice and snow from freezing on the windshield.
  • Keep an ice scraper and snow brush in the car.
  • Use a wintertime-formulated windshield wiper fluid that won’t freeze up.
  • Antifreeze in your radiator all year long prevents freezing and overheating.
  • Have an emergency kit in every vehicle with food, water, and extra blankets.
  • Protect your car’s paint from deicers, slush and mud with a good polymer wax and regularly power washing the undercarriage, wheels and wheel wells to prevent debris buildup. For a range of air compressors, which can be used for powerwashing, check out or other sites.
  • For additional tips, check out 8 Simple Winter Car Care Tips from Autotrader.

Winter can be a wonderland

Tailored Living wants you and your family to make it safely and happily through the winter. Our whole home organization specialists can help by organizing your space to control clutter and make winter less stressful. Innovative storage solutions can make every area of your home more functional all year long with custom closet organization systems, garage storage and flooring, pantry and laundry room designs, home offices, Murphy Beds and more. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.