Use Green Design by Tailored Living for Your Home Organization Needs

Are you planning to build a new home, renovate your old home or add organizational solutions to your house and garage? Then chances are you’ve heard of green design solutions that implement environmentally sustainable products and materials that help to reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment. Tailored Living home organization specialists are happy to provide you with UltraBlend™ particleboard by Roseburg. The panels are produced from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials by Roseburg Forest Products and they help to meet the growing consumer demand for environmentally sustainable and green living products.

The UltraBlend™ product has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems - a neutral third-party environmental testing and certification organization - to be an Environmentally Preferable Product. Roseburg is a pioneer in the industry when it comes to delivering environmentally sustainable green design products and techniques. They set aside part of their company-owned land to better study and improve upon fish habitats. They employ the use of environmentally friendly harvesting options like helicopter logging that protects the soils and the animals that inhabit the forest floor. Additionally, instead of using fossil fuels that release harmful Volatile Organic Compounds into the air, they use natural remnants such as bark and branches that provides enough clean power to run their entire operation without emitting harmful greenhouse gasses and VOCs into the air.

Whether you want to install a new streamlined kitchen with designated cabinetry spaces for waste, recycling and organic compounds, or you want to add a new pantry made with UltraBlend™ panels, Tailored Living is your one stop shop for green home organization.