20 Ways A Murphy Bed Can Eliminate The Holiday Stress Of Overnight Guests

If you know you are going to have overnight guests during the holidays, you’re probably already stressing about where everyone will sleep. It’s a perfectly natural response since you want to be welcoming and ensure a comfortable visit but, at the same time, not upset the family’s household rhythm. Tailored Living® has the perfect solution with the awesome, versatile, and unobtrusive Murphy Bed that can exponentially increase your living space and make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

space-saving-murphy-beds.jpgSpace-saving Murphy Beds can transform any room into a comfortable guest room when you need it

Murphy Beds, also called hide-a-bed, pull-down bed, fold-away, or wall bed, have been around for over 100 years and passed through many design iterations to evolve into the beautiful, finely crafted custom cabinetry Tailored Living offers today. If you’ve never considered a Murphy Bed or two as a solution to overcrowding at your house, here are 20 ways a Murphy Bed can eliminate the holiday stress of overnight guests as well as help you manage day-to-day space challenges.

Real bed, real mattress, real comfort!

luxurious-comfort.jpgLuxurious comfort awaits with today’s Murphy Bed designs that give a real bed experience

  • Murphy Beds don’t have special skinny mattresses, they accommodate coil spring mattresses up to 12’ thick so there is never any loss of comfort.
  • Available in traditional twin/single, full/double, queen, or king sizes, you can have exactly the size you need.
  • With vertical or side-tilt (not in king size) orientation you have more options for space management.
  • Patented technology and advanced steel hardware with spring-loaded mechanisms ensure ease of use with smooth opening and closing for years of worry-free operation no back stress!
  • Storage is never a problem like roll-away beds or air mattresses that gobble up garage space, a custom Murphy Bed is only out when you actually need it.

Custom design to match your décor

realistic-looking-wood-tones.jpgSelect from realistic looking wood tones or laminates to create exactly the look you want

  • Murphy bed designs are available in 16 standard finishes with a range of wood tones from light to dark and laminate solids from white to black that let you make the most of your space without sacrificing your style.
  • Customize with a variety of cabinet and hardware colors and finishes, with design features like decorative molding, glass-inset doors, integrated lighting, drawers, and adjustable shelves.
  • Incorporate a Murphy Bed into any wall system design as an integral part of the coordinated cabinetry throughout the room.
  • Murphy Bed space requirements are minimal, the cabinets are only about 16” deep, so they take up very little floor space when closed.
  • Eight standard cabinet styles, including Shaker, five-piece Shaker, Traditional, Classic Raised, Eased Edge, Economy Raised, Slab, and Smooth can coordinate with any décor.

Multiply daily living space

murphy-bed-system.jpgA Murphy Bed system can convert any room into a bedroom for as long as you need it

  • Dual-purpose rooms let you use your space more efficiently and a Murphy Bed gives you that extra bedroom when you need it.
  • Enjoy having a full-time home office every day that converts to a comfortable guest bedroom at night.
  • Integrated into a family room wall entertainment unit a Murphy Bed is out of sight until needed, and it easily converts the room to extra sleeping space.
  • Especially in small spaces, such as a craft or hobby room, playroom, or home fitness room, a Murphy Bed allows you to have beautiful furniture and a great bed.
  • Any room can become a temporary bedroom with a Murphy Bed and surrounding closet storage system cabinets that create hanging space and storage with drawers and adjustable shelves, and then easily return to its original use.

Eliminates bedtime hassles

daytime-use-to-nighttime-relaxation.jpgEffortlessly go from daytime use to nighttime relaxation by just opening the bed

  • You don’t have to strip and remake the bed each day, just fold up the Murphy Bed with blankets and pillows inside.
  • During the day the bed stays tucked away, and the normal room function is not impacted.
  • In a bedroom with space for only one conventional bed, a hidden Murphy Bed will accommodate two sleepers whenever needed.
  • Bedrooms can expand real sleeping comfort instead of bringing in air mattresses or sleeping bags.
  • You can relax, knowing that your guests will be comfortable and wake up refreshed and ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

All the comforts of home

Making your guests feel at home is an important part of being a good host. Whether they are in a formal guest room or transformed space with a Murphy Bed, here are some steps to take to guarantee they have the best home experience possible during their stay with you.

  • Move out non-essentials. Store away the everyday “stuff” of a dual-purpose room (i.e., home office supplies) and free up usable space for your guests, including a closet (with empty hangers) and a drawer or two so they can unpack and not live out of a suitcase.
  • If there is no way for closet space, get a standing rack with clothes hangers they can use to keep their clothes accessible and wrinkle-free.
  • Fresh bed linens are essential. Make the bed up just before the visit and have extra blankets and both soft and firm pillows to allow for individual preference.
  • Be sure there is sufficient light for reading, computer use, and maneuvering around in the room. A bedside table lamp and a night light are helpful, especially if the bathroom is down the hall.
  • Tuck in a side chair for a quiet reading spot with a few interesting magazines or books in the room.
  • Have window treatments that block the light; blackout curtains help to ensure sound sleep for afternoon naps and all night long.
  • Show them where outlets are to charge their phones and access the internet and share passwords they may need. If there’s a TV in their room, make sure they know how to use the remotes.
  • Stock the bathroom with extra toilet paper and tissues and create a welcome basket with shampoo, soap, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, shaving cream, disposable razor—things they might have forgotten to pack.
  • If they’re sharing a bathroom, put the welcome basket where they’re sleeping, along with their towels and washcloths so there’s no question that these items are for their use.

After spending a busy day with family and friends, you’ll love not having to worry about the sleeping accommodations! Kids may enjoy the camp atmosphere of crowding together in sleeping bags in the TV room, but adults will appreciate space where they can relax in real comfort. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home, or virtual* consultation and see how custom wall beds can help you can turn the chaos of company into calm, in addition to expanding everyday functional living space in creative ways.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.

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