5 garage flooring ideas that you’ll be proud to show off

Today, those garages and their flooring have evolved into so much more as people move away from only traditional concrete to more modern uses. In fact, flooring has become an essential part of every garage's use, making their design just as creative and unique as the homeowners themselves. Start making your garage space one you can be proud of with these Tailored Living garage floor ideas.

Garage flooring: can I do it myself, or do I need a professional?

Garage flooring is the staple that pulls your entire garage appeal together. You could have a great area with beautiful cabinets, structure, and designs, but if the floor isn't properly installed, it may have been all for nothing. In many ways, your garage is your home's first impression on guests and often the most lasting. You deserve to be proud of it.

With that said, garage flooring can be done by homeowners, but it is highly recommended to work with a professional instead. It isn't an area you want to risk making mistakes on or applying poorly. After all, your garage floor can last up to 30 years or more before needing to be replaced when done correctly. If done poorly, you may wind up spending more money than you initially would have as a professional repair and replaces your work.

Professionals can also give you some much-needed guidance, like not using regular garage paint on your flooring because it's not durable for tons of weight and foot traffic. Also, they have all the tips and tricks for protection, so your garage floors don't crack or deteriorate.

5 garage floor ideas that will make you proud

No matter what look you're going for or how you're using your garage space, there are always great garage floors to match your idea. There are even flooring options for durability, organization, easy cleaning, and fun!

The key is to identify what you have in mind for your garage and discuss your options with a professional. In the meantime, there are plenty of flooring solutions that can make your garage pop and transform it from car storage to a room you would proudly show off.

For a man cave/sports room

Having a dedicated area for big sports events and entertainment is a great way to show off your garage to guests. Even better, you can customize the room to showcase and support your favorite teams, including your garage flooring.

First, you'll want to decide on your theme (i.e., do you want your space to represent one team/multiple teams, one sport/multiple sports, etc.). Then it's time to choose the right flooring option. Ideally, the best one for this custom look is flexible floor tiles in the colors you need.

Then you can style your tiles in several ways:

  • Mix and match your favorite team's colors (i.e., Ohio State would be a pattern of scarlet and grey).
  • Use a solid base color and add a big logo as your centerpiece (i.e., white floors and red logo for the Boston Red Socks).
  • One solid floor color to contrast team colors on the wall (purple walls and yellow floors for L.A. Lakers).

Gym: durability and resistance


If you're interested in turning your garage into a home gym, the flooring you use is more important than you may think. You need something durable and lasting but also trendy and motivational since it's often attached to the house. Just because working out can be hard work doesn't mean the garage space you use for it can't be an attractive piece of your home.

In fact, home gyms have become so popular that guests are always interested in seeing what others have come up with to make it work. Setting it up in your garage gives you all the space and creativity you need to make it efficient for all indoor routines and big enough for new gym equipment additions when needed.

Consider having an epoxy garage floor since it's the most durable flooring available and can resist heavy equipment and foot traffic damage. As for applications, something like our Stratus finish would be nice for mimicking natural rock and stone formations, while Solids finishes are ideal if you're more of a minimalist.

Cars and storage: organize and color-code

Having garage flooring that makes it easy for you to organize and color code is great if you're looking to use your garage as storage for your cars, additional storage, or both. Even better, you'll no longer want to hide your storage area from guests like it never existed. It'll be a place worth showing off with all the neat, clean, and effortlessly organized areas.

You can use flexible floor tiles to match your floor color to your beloved car, truck, and motorcycle, or highlight their appearance with contrasting colors (use bright colors on your floor if your vehicles are colored dark and vice versa). Another option is to separate areas of your garage with color-coded flooring that ties in your laundry, storage, and car spaces for a unified and clean look. Lastly, adding color to coordinate your floor with custom cabinets in your garage can make your space look open, clean, and organized.

Playroom: customize your garage floor for fun games

Believe it or not, it's also becoming popular for homeowners to take the extra space in their garage and turn it into a play area for their kids. This is because it provides the best indoor/outdoor access without the hassle and keeps your home's value right where you want it to be.

Fortunately, something like Flexible Floor Tiles would be perfect if you're looking for great garage floors for playtime. You can get creative with your kids' favorite colors or layout the colors in strategic ways for the following floor games:

  • Hopscotch board
  • Four Square
  • Twister
  • Corners

Workshop: stay traditional with a trendy twist

Cement has always been a garage flooring staple and a popular one, but there are ways to make it more modern for your workshop or hobbies/craft area without sacrificing durability. In fact, no matter what you turn your garage into, an epoxy floor coating can be a great option.


This is because it can help you keep your floors:


Not only are liquid spills easy to clean up and unable to sink in or stain your floors, but a simple dust mop can take care of most of your messes.


Surfaces are long-lasting and resistant to chemicals, abrasions, mechanical wear, impact, and even UV exposure.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to being water-resistant and easy to clean, you can maintain your floor's brand-new shine and appeal for years to come without any added hassles.

Looking great

You have a variety of great looks to choose from, including decorative textures, stones, elements, stratus, and solids. Even better, each option has its own fun applications to further customize your space.

This is especially important for a garage space you intend to work at often since you need flooring that can resist the damage of the work you're doing, consists of quick and easy cleanup after projects, and makes it easy to keep the area guest-friendly for walkthroughs and showcasing your latest projects.

At Tailored Living, we know one size does not fit all, and your garage space is just as important to you as every other room in your home. It can be a place of entertainment, work, play, or storage. Either way, you deserve to be proud enough to show it off to all your friends and family. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation on transforming your garage into your favorite place to be.