Reinvent Your Space with PremierTrax® Garage Floor Tiles

PremierTrax garage floor tiles are so tough they are the floor of choice even in airplane hangars. Tough enough to handle parking an airplane, they are also the best for your family! More than durability, the look and feel of PremierTrax interlocking tiles garage floor is sure to enhance your parking experience.

Homeowners today strive to get maximum utility from their homes, and that includes the garage. A survey disclosed that 27% of people use their garages for their hobbies, 23% use the garage to work on cars, 19% do woodworking or carpentry and 13% use a portion of the garage for sports or exercise.

Converting garage space into functional living space can be the perfect solution for you. A new garage floor can help transform this area into a user-friendly, clean and safe space for: crafts or hobbies, home office, car maintenance area, workout room and weight training, Man Cave with tech toys and big screen TV, play area for the kids, game room, or laundry room.

Flooring Options for Every Need

Our exclusive “flow-through” design creates a non-slip surface that eliminates tracking dirt into the house. It also keeps your floor clean and safe, especially for “ground-level” children and pets. Spills pass through the open-weave design so the floor surface stays clear, and trapped dirt or debris can be quickly hosed away. Made with 8% rubber in a polypropylene mix, PremierTrax is ergonomically easier on your knees and back than a bare concrete surface. This means you can spend more time in comfort at the work bench, doing laundry, enjoying hobbies or just playing in your garage.

  • Match your car, truck or motorcycle's color
  • Create a checkerboard design with contrasting tile colors
  • Let the kids design their own play area in their favorite colors; you can even create a permanent hopscotch board
  • Include your favorite team's logo or colors on your floor
  • Color code different areas! One color for the laundry area, another for parking stalls, etc.
  • Coordinate the floor's color with custom garage storage cabinets or the washer and dryer

Durability & Functionality

PremierTrax garage flooring tiles are ideal for other uses as well, including outdoor patios and balconies, carports, gyms, playrooms, mudrooms, around a swimming pool or hot tub, or in commercial properties, just to name a few options. With color choices from soothing neutrals to energizing brights, you can have a statement floor wherever you want, with incredible durability and functionality built right in.

  • Impervious to stains, cracking, fading and peeling
  • Easy care, nothing sticks to the surface, messes can be hosed away
  • Non-slip, comfortable surface, easy on knees and backs
  • Can withstand any weather conditions — hot or cold, wet or dry
  • Tiles create a barrier from very hot, very cold or damp concrete
  • Tough enough for cars, bikes, trucks, skateboards, and running kids

What a Difference a Day Makes

In most cases, one day is all it takes to have a new PremierTrax garage floor you can be proud of. A new garage floor generally installs in hours instead of days since there are no adhesives or chemicals to cure or dry. The interlocking tiles create a strong and permanent bond immediately, so your garage is back in service the same day. Your PremierTrax floor is guaranteed against peeling, chipping or fading for as long as you own your home. And if a tile is damaged, replacement is easy. Remove the old tile and snap in a new one.

Turn your cluttered garage into functional living space with custom garage storage solutions and a new PremierTrax garage floor. A garage makeover will increase your home's value and give you some serious bragging rights with a garage that’s just as stylish as the rest of your home.

If you’re still in doubt, consider this: TV’s home improvement gurus, Jonathan and Drew Scott, the Property Brothers, had a custom PremierTrax floor installed in the garages of their Las Vegas home. Along with floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets that matched the custom-designed floor, they created the ultimate celebrity garage, with Jonathan declaring it “the nicest garage floor I’ve ever seen!”

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